Need WEB Help

Need WEB Help

On Tesla & Forum account, I changed my login email and it will not let me sign in attempted to "Reset password" but I don't get the email.

My old account did not work and the new email forum name did not work.

I had to create a new forum account to get here.

I used the same new email address to create this account that I changed above. I expected " account already exists" but here I am.

Can't find a WEB help on Tesla Or Forum websites.

How do I get help?

anelson1 | 23 février 2018

Now my new account works. But my reservation is missing and old account does no allow login.


rxlawdude | 23 février 2018

No one here can help you. Try customer service on the Contact Us link.

anelson1 | 23 février 2018


rxlawdude | 27 février 2018

@carter.elwin, if you write essays with English as atrocious as your post, you need a new line of work.


Kenbob | 11 avril 2018

I had the very same problem with my account, it was caused by me. I contacted customer service, who were top notch, they did have to refer the problems to IT, but having said that, they called me back within an hour and had me log on to my account and all is well. Thanks Tesla for being so responsive.

lilbean | 11 avril 2018

Lol, lawdude!

sabbia | 30 octobre 2019

@mclaren. Thanks for the clue leading to potentially illegal/dishonest behavior.

segof88177 | 10 décembre 2019

Why don't you customer service about the issue ?