Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

lilbean | 20 juin 2018

@nwfan The answer is the X! :)

Tropopause | 20 juin 2018

Congrats, Burdogg! Hope you will preach the good word about caring for our planet and how Tesla is a part of that process. ;)

Lilbean- take that P100D to the track and set a new X record! BTW, very nice of you to clean up after the messy folks.

jjgunn | 20 juin 2018

In my travels I talked to 2 people about Tesla....

BOTH responses were...."Aren't those the cars that are catching fire spontaneously?!?!!"

Patiently & calmly I explained how Tesla has ZERO advertising. How billionaires are very unhappy with the disrupt Tesla is causing their industry of Auto & oil. VW & Audi Dieselgate & Germany overall. I asked each person how many regular cars catch fire daily in the U.S. alone & it isn't national news?

Why is this????

I made them think....about the billions being poured into advertising on TV & websites by Big Auto & Big Oil.

Tesla is disupting a lot of people & a lot of industries.

I relayed this message to 2 people...just 2. We need more. MUCH more! We can do it!

I want our kids & our kids', breathe better air than we're breathing right now. I want to be the generation that helped kick it all off.

lilbean | 20 juin 2018

Thanks, T! It was filthy! We took it back today and we were so glad to get our beautiful one back. Can you believe our two year old car looks brand new and better than the brand new loaner? It really pays off to handwash your own car.

Silver2K | 21 juin 2018

Best answer would be " yes, they spontaneously catch fire. You get a free fire extinguisher with every purchase now". That should help them feel like fools and realize how stupid they sound while standing next to a Tesla not on fire.

bob | 21 juin 2018

@ jjgunn - I tend to start my answer with something like "this is a great example of fake news". The facts simply don't support the reporting. As you'd stated you can site ICE fire rates compared to EVs - I try to debunk the initial claim the person I'm talking to states and establish some credibility. Then I start into why the media might be so hard on Tesla. But I pose those as possible reasons. Is it that Tesla doesn't spend $ on advertising supporting the media outlets?, Is it the propaganda machine supported by the Wall Street shorts?, or is it big oil, ala Koch Bros.

Bottom line is I tend to soft peddle the conspiracy theories. My thinking is if someone hit me right away with "it's all a conspiracy to make Elon fail" I think I'd tune out.

lilbean | 21 juin 2018

I think people talk about the fires to make them feel better about not having a Tesla. I was at the store yesterday and two ladies were talking about the Tesla on the news.

Tropopause | 22 juin 2018

I'd rather contend with a lithium ion battery fire anyday vs. a gasoline fire. Gasoline is so volatile and can lead to one big boom instead of multiple little firecrackers in 18650 cells. A Tesla burns like a Duraflame log. A gas car explodes like an Atom Bomb. Let the truth out so people can make informed decisions.

Silver2K | 22 juin 2018

4th of July is right around the corner! Tesla fires rule!!

jjgunn | 23 juin 2018

Spam bump

Oh BTW....I think my delivery day is June 27. Heh heh | 23 juin 2018

@Silver2K - Tesla appears building out more locations and expanding existing ones to match the factory output (S, X and 3). Model 3s in our area seem to be about 20% of Tesla's I see. I come across 1 or 2 now in every 5 miles of travels around town. At Superchargers I've been to in the last 30 days, I only see about 10-20 % of the cars charging are Model 3s. Here in the Bay area (CA), we likely have the highest concentration of Tesla vehicles in the USA.

jjgunn | 23 juin 2018

Get ready for an influx of probably 100,000 M3's in the Bay area by end of December.

Triggerplz | 23 juin 2018
Bighorn | 24 juin 2018


Silver2K | 25 juin 2018
Vawlkus | 25 juin 2018

What the hell is going on with BigHorn’s account?

Silver2K | 25 juin 2018

Bighorn seems to be conflicted.

lilbean | 25 juin 2018

He was just bumping the threads above the spam.

Triggerplz | 25 juin 2018

Bishop Burdogg you needed here as this thread has gone to shit

burdogg | 25 juin 2018

Spam? No, I didn't have spam while at our youth Girls Camp last week :) Had lots of other great food and fun.

It was a really pretty area - up in the mountains with Aspen trees - just need some rain though - so dry we couldn't even have a fire in fire pits! Kind of ruins camping but oh well - we made the best of it and had a blast.

kerrjohna | 25 juin 2018

Burdogg, you gotta love girls camp

jjgunn | 25 juin 2018

This one time at band camp.....

DAMN! Then the Bishop showed up....

kerrjohna | 25 juin 2018

I posting this here because I relate better. Just got the call,not that one burdogg, my model three will be delivered this week inSLC. Hope I’m not the one to push the count over 200,00

Bighorn | 25 juin 2018

Got pretty ugly here last night when the first English threads were about ten pages back. Just trying to return to some semblance of normal to defeat the spammer.

Bighorn | 25 juin 2018

The guy who cleaned up our threads before was a casualty of the layoff so I didn’t know what would happen.

jjgunn | 25 juin 2018

I helped >:-}

Silver2K | 25 juin 2018

Congrats kerrjhona, enjoy your new model 3!

Silver2K | 25 juin 2018

It's about time you lazy kiss-asses did something, besides kissing Bean's ass all day!

Anywaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy... So no one replaced the spam cleaner??

burdogg | 25 juin 2018

Funny Bighorn - I was getting worried you had gone spammer on us :)

kerrjhona - congrats! Love the 3 - great car. I would be surprised at this point if anyone getting their car now would be the 200,000 one - this close to the end of the quarter, I am sure they would hold off delivery - so either they have well passed the 200,000 car by now, or....they made it to July to get that 200,000 car.

kerrjhona - was my first year there and yes, it was fun. Of course I am sure a lot of the other girls not from my congregation wonder who this crazy guy was :)

burdogg | 25 juin 2018

jjgunn - too funny!

Vawlkus | 26 juin 2018

Why the weird characters Bighorn? I thought your account mighta gotten hacked.

Solarman004 | 29 juin 2018

We're on the path to becoming a two-Tesla family, but with mixed emotions. Just placed the order for an M3D. It will replace our first gen Leaf that we bought in 2012.
The mixed emotions? We love the Leaf. But our 1st gen battery pack is down to 55 miles useful range in the summer, and less in the winter.
We test drove the 2nd gen 2018 Leaf and it is an awesome car. But the decision came down to nationwide charging networks, and right now there is no way a Leaf is a cross-country car.
We also felt it important to reward the companies taking the risk to transform transportation like Musk with Tesla (hence our MX), and Carlos Ghosn with Nissan. I feel a little bad about abandoning Nissan, although much of that may go away when we pick up the M3 in Denver...

burdogg | 29 juin 2018

Solarman004 - you will love the Model 3!

lilbean | 29 juin 2018

Omg when you get your Model 3, you’ll be like, “What leaf?” Haha!

Solarman004 | 29 juin 2018

I have no doubt! Thanks.

jjgunn | 29 juin 2018

The MX is a friggin YACHT....what was I thinking?!?!?

Triggerplz | 29 juin 2018

Solarman you got to get a T Shirt with a picture of a Tesla on it and under the picture it says Life's to short to be driving Nissan's :-)

lilbean | 29 juin 2018

@jj haha! I thought the same thing when I first got it. It looks so deceiving until you get it in the garage.

lilbean | 29 juin 2018

Now you'll have to get a 3. It's a mini X. :)

bob | 2 juillet 2018

Bump. Is it just me or did Elon sell a 1000 more MXs this week and all the new owners joined the forums?

Not in a bad way ;)

Solarman004 | 2 juillet 2018

Tesla released official Q2 data this morning. MX deliveries exceeded those of the MS by about 400. I believe that is a first, where the X deliveries were greater than the S.
Also great news on M3 production and deliveries. More than 5000 produced in the last week, and an estimate of reaching 6000 per week by the end of July.

jlmuinonen | 2 juillet 2018

I know I am just jumping into this thread so Hi!. But just saw the update on my Tesla account that our car is now out of production and in transit! We are so excited! And no one else seems to understand why we are so excited. LOL But I knew you guys would understand. So I am sharing here.

Solarman004 | 2 juillet 2018

Congrats, jlmuinonen. Be prepared for that excitement to last a long, long time. Also, when you get the urge to go to the garage "just to look," don't fight it!

bob | 2 juillet 2018

jlmuinonen congrats. Sorry you're not gonna sleep for the next several nights while the vehicle is in transit :P

Triggerplz | 2 juillet 2018

Jlmuinonen your excitement has only just begun once you get it home you will wake up in the middle of the night get out of bed go to the garage look at it then go back to bed, Congrats & Enjoy

jjgunn | 2 juillet 2018

Congrats jlmuinonen!

Where do you live? What's the config? We gotta have something to talk about in the hangout thread.

Check your paint
Check your panel fits
Check your VIN - most important!
Tell them to install the latest firmware.
Tell them to install your tow package (I did)

Happy 4th!

jlmuinonen | 3 juillet 2018

Hey! Sudbury, ON Canada - about 400km north of Toronto, 100D midnight silver with cream interior. Happy 4th to you! We celebrated Canada Day on July 1st, so just getting off a gorgeous long weekend! Thanks for the tips! We ordered on May 15, confirmed May 18, so it will be pretty much 2 months wait. My only slight concern is maintenance of any issues. But I travel regularly to Toronto for work so I guess it will be easy enough to drop off at the SC there. We are the 3rd MX in town, along with a handful of MS and more and more Model 3s everyday, so we are going to see if we can get a Ranger up here. This is our second EV but first Tesla. We have a Chevy Bolt for my husbands commuting car, but love driving EV so much that we decided to go all in and the MX was the only one that fit the family and 1 xlarge dog. Plus we both work in the nickel mining industry and well...the battery market is going to be a very exciting development for nickel in the next 3-10 years. So we are doing our part to support that. We totally bought it sight unseen. Never driven or even sat in one yet ;) Total Tesla virgin.

burdogg | 3 juillet 2018

@jlmuinonen - Congrats! Such an exciting time - and you are in for one exciting time - having never sat or driven one - get ready to be blown away :)

Tropopause | 3 juillet 2018

Congrats, jlmuinonen! I’m in the process of helping my sister to buy a Model X. Going test driving soon!

Last weekend I went test driving a Model 3 with my wife.

Lots of fun lately!

burdogg | 3 juillet 2018

Tropo - I thought your sister already had an X? Or is this a different sister? Or am I mistaking??