Tesla Club in Tulsa

Tesla Club in Tulsa

Is there a Tesla Club in Tulsa if not would anyone be interested in forming one to meet for breakfast on a monthly basis.?

Thanks ,

nathalia.hiatt | 30 juin 2018

I'm interested.

jaketherake | 3 juillet 2018

we need a few more members to get Tesla to sponsor - if you have not already joined you should go to Facebook join Oklahoma Tesla Owners - I'm told there are about 400 Tesla's in Oklahoma

zlz123 | 28 décembre 2018

I'm interested.

aaronharrell | 24 avril 2019

im down! moving to tulsa in a month or so and just got a 2013 model s.

robertkleven | 20 juillet 2019

I'm interested, Just ordered Model 3P, very excited.