Northern Virginia Model 3 owners

Northern Virginia Model 3 owners

Adapting from similar qn to CT owners by @viper
Where did you pick up your car? What options did they give you for delivery? How did sales tax work out and did you get the Green reg plate (not useful on any HOVs here)?

Updated 05/26:
My info:
Deep Blue Metallic, 19 Sport, EAP
3/31/16 - online
4/13/18 - Invited to configure
4/14/18 - Configured
5/26/18 - VIN (0249XX) and email from Tesla
06/18/18 - Delivery from Tysons

cuyjet2 | 17 avril 2018

I'm pretty sure Model 3 owners in Northern Virginia are taking delivery in Vienna. 8500 Tyco Rd, Vienna, VA 22182.

There is another Tesla store in Tyson's mall, but no parking lot space for delivery here.

Not sure of options as I have not yet taken delivery. Same answer to next two questions.

vmulla | 17 avril 2018

- Delivery at Tyco Rd.
- Delivery options are simple, you fix an appointment and show up.
- Sales tax is no different from other cars. Did you want a exact dollar amount?
- You get a temp tag on delivery, a perm tag a week after. You apply for your own HOV plate by writing to the DMV HQ at Richmond VA. It costs $25

hokie_m3 | 18 avril 2018

Thanks @cuyjet2 and @vmulla.

Just sharing my research on financing here as well: Current rates:
1. StateFarm 48-60 mo 2.79%, 72 mo 3.29%
2. FPCU 60 mo 2.24% (subject to conditions of proving eligibility to apply for a/c in CA, 15% down payment, 60 mo max for electric cars)
3. Fairfax county credit union 60 mo 2.49%, 72 mo 2.69%
4. Justice Federal credit union 60 mo 2.39%, 72 mo 2.59%

Wilobes | 19 avril 2018

Did you have to pay prior to shipment from Fremont,CA to Tyons? How long did delivery take once contacted by DS? Configured on 3/22, received VIN on/about 4/15.

sbeggs | 19 avril 2018

Heading from CA to VA next Friday. New Supercharger being built in Springfield, VA. My mother lives a mile away in Greenspring Village!

RadOne | 19 avril 2018

@sabeggs. Do you know when the Springfield supercharger will be up and running? Much better for me than Woodbridge.

sbeggs | 19 avril 2018

No, will search on for details. Also discussion on Tesla Motors club threads.

RedTeslaModel3 | 19 avril 2018

Tyco rd for me as well. All virginia residents should be financing through ParkView Federal credit union. $25 to join co-op to qualify to join. I got 1.99% for 84 months with them. Plates were sent to my house after 2 weeks. HOV plates are good for anything around here? Only road that I know is toll road HOV. It doesnt work for 66, 95, 495. Only useful if you are living around richmond

hokie_m3 | 19 avril 2018

@pnguyenk great find. qns: 1) The co-op website shows a $200 application fee. Could not find the $25 fee. 2) their rates are 2.49% for 84 mo now. When did u apply??

hokie_m3 | 20 avril 2018

Adding information on charger installation:
Planning to install NEMA 14-50 Electrician quote for labor and materials = $600

HPWC is too expensive IMHO. Any other suggestions?

shank15217 | 20 avril 2018

NEMA 14-50 is the way to go, its your most flexible option and with superchargers popping up all over NoVA (Springfield and possibly soon Fairfax and Tysons) you really will have a crap ton of options for charging.

RedTeslaModel3 | 20 avril 2018

Their co-op is listed at $200 but you can do monthlly payment of $25. First month is $25 and the rest can be collected next time you are in their store.

I took delivery on 3/30 so rate could had gone up since then.

patrick.herrity | 22 avril 2018

@hokie_m3 what company did you receive that quote from. I have received some crazy quotes thus far.

vmulla | 22 avril 2018

What's the range of quotes you got? Anything in the work that will make the quote higher?

patrick.herrity | 22 avril 2018

I havent received anything below $1K. I already have outlets in my garage. The wiring goes from one side of my basement to the other up through the ceiling. But the paths are already there. Just the wiring has to be done. I honestly think its because I have told them its for a Tesla, but cant guarantee that obviously. I actually already have a NEMA 6-20 outlet in my garage and am considering just using that for Model 3 but many are recommending the upgrade for faster charging, etc...

hokie_m3 | 24 avril 2018

10 days and no VIN :(
@patrick I went with an electrician who did all the electric installations at my place. Prior experience may have resulted in cheaper quote --> also he does not care about car brand :P so price is proportional to effort/work.
I have standard 110V outlet in my garage, my electrician is going to install new 50A circuit breaker and pull the wire from basement to garage. If you have a NEMA 6-20 you just need to check/replace wire and replace circuit breaker (my guess !!)

TheChad | 24 avril 2018

Patrick. I live in nova and had a NEMA 14/50 I stapled today. He even added an outlet in a closet that I’m turning into a wine closet for me and the price was very good compared to some other quotes I got. When I bought my house I used this guy to install all the lights/fans as well. It’s Graham Elsctric. Good guy reasonable prices.

matthewtesla | 24 avril 2018

I called around electricians on craigslist in the area and got quoted 350 in labor with parts probably being 20-50 dollars. My box is in the garage though. I'm actually using 110v and its working out fine. While I would love 240v, the house is a rental and I don't think I have but 1 year left in it.

dmahoney12 | 24 avril 2018

Hello Everyone,

I live in Leesburg. I just heard from my delivery specialist that my Delivery Center is Rockville, MD instead of Tyco Rd. in Tysons. Anybody had this happen to them? He said they route them based on delivery zip code.

patrick.herrity | 24 avril 2018

thank you @TheChad. Just to confirm, this is who you used?

Thank you again!

TheChad | 24 avril 2018

Patrick - it is. He did the job today and it came out great. Local guy who does great work. Tell him I recommended you from the Tesla boards. Really clean work as an added bonus. I’ve seen some jobs where they leave holes everywhere and a mess. He did everything right in my book and was about $200 cheaper than the Tesla recommended installer.

TheChad | 24 avril 2018

Dmahoney -that’s weird because I’m in Aldie and Tyco is mine. You might want to email your DS and politely ask them to change it as Tyco is much closer. Mine asked me to confirm Tyco and made sure thst is where I want mine delivered.

patrick.herrity | 24 avril 2018

@TheChad thank you again. I was born and raised in alexandria / springfield area, went to VT. Im all about supporting the locals. I'll reach out as my delivery date approaches (whenever that is). I was invited on to configure on 4/13, configured on 4/14 and havent heard anything. Trying to be patient but all the reviews and positive comments are making this waiting even harder than the last 2 years. Also hoping I can claim the full $7500 federal tax credit.

vmulla | 24 avril 2018

Just let them know that you need a different pick up location. One of the questions the DS asked me was to confirm if I wanted Tyco to be my delivery location.

dmahoney12 | 24 avril 2018

I asked to have it changed to Tyco Rd. and he said it would add 3 weeks to the delivery time.

vmulla | 25 avril 2018

That does not sound like Tesla at all.

Please stay on this case, these may be signs that Tesla's awesome customer service is getting stressed due to volume production.

sbeggs | 25 avril 2018


leal.wai | 25 avril 2018

Thanks for the info on Graham Electric. Just sent them a message myself. Got a quote from another company for almost $800.

Model 3 order placed 04/16.

rpc_in_va | 25 avril 2018

In anticipation of getting my M3 (May-July window) I got three quotes for installing a NEMA 14/50. The route is from the basement (basically unfinished), up into the front of the garage, and down the wall to the back. Prices were from $765 to $1500. I'll probably get the $765 guy, Volta Electric to do it, though they all seemed competent.

rpc_in_va | 25 avril 2018

Oh, I'm in Reston, if that makes any difference.

leal.wai | 25 avril 2018

I'm in a townhouse in Fairfax, garage on basement level with electrical panel on the far wall of my basement room. They'll need to run cable behind my side wall, through a roughed-in-bathroom/closet, and into my garage. They quoted about $400 for 20 feet of cable alone.

vmulla | 25 avril 2018

@Leal.wai, running a external metal conduit would probably lessen your quote.

vmulla | 25 avril 2018

Here's a contact of a superb EV charger installation guy.

Sean Ryan 3015099832

Sean is extremely knowledgeable. He's a mentor in the nation's drive electric alliance (something like that) he coaches other installers. He's not tied to Tesla, he's passionate about all EVs. Try him.

hokie_m3 | 27 avril 2018

bump ! still waiting for VIN !
@pnguyenk thanks for the tip on the co-op. worked for me. Thanks !

RadOne | 27 avril 2018

L&S Electric. Brian does fantastic job, very neat and professional work. His quote was significantly better than the recommended installers on the website.

leal.wai | 30 avril 2018

Thanks vmulla and RadOne, I'll look into both those options. =)

hokie_m3 | 2 mai 2018

bump ! still waiting for VIN to appear !

sbeggs | 2 mai 2018

Gorgeous weather here in Springfield, VA!

leal.wai | 2 mai 2018

Same here. Ordered basic Black/Aero wheels no AP on 04/16. Been checking for VIN every day. I'm betting this batch of invites was significantly larger than previous batches due to the projected increase in production after the shutdown.

hokie_m3 | 2 mai 2018

@sbeggs weather is awesome here too in NoVA :P #Hokie There is an interesting analysis from the spreadsheet for invites from 6th April showing that 18" aeros are getting VINs faster than 19" !

leal.wai | 3 mai 2018

I saw that spreadsheet at some point, can't find it again. Where can i check it?

hdharia17 | 3 mai 2018

Any N.VA meet up coming soon? I am still on the fence for first production vs dual motor.

TheChad | 3 mai 2018

#$&@*#*$&@),,!! My delivery just got pushed back 2 weeks from the 15th to the 29th. Won’t tell me why it’s being pushed. Man I’m upset.

sbeggs | 3 mai 2018

Oh, no, @The Chad, that is terrible!

patrick.herrity | 3 mai 2018

@ hdharia17 so many factors to consider. I pulled the trigger on RWD because we just had our 1st child, want the full EV Fed. Credit, AWD, with a partial loss of the tax credit could be like an 8-9 K swing. I just couldnt validate it. Also, I was able to test drive the Model 3 RWD and its amazing. Plenty fast enough. Plenty of range. Its a better deal than the existing S IMO. I expect more delays of AWD as Tesla wont add complexity until they hit 5-6 K per week. I suspect they have some more growing pains and wont hit that until closer to August or September. And even then, they will be adding complexity by adding AWD, air suspension, etc... But in the end you have to do whats best for your family considering all the money you are spending.

hokie_m3 | 8 mai 2018

bump !!

Wilobes | 8 mai 2018

Just picked my MSM M3 tonight at Tyco. From standing in line on 3/31, to config on 3/21, to delivery, not a single issue or hiccup. EAP kicked in after crossing the mixing bowl. Made the evening rush almost fun.

sbeggs | 8 mai 2018

Just transitioned through the mixing bowl last Saturday...

RedTeslaModel3 | 8 mai 2018

Wow the superchargers at springfield mall are huge! Fairfax town center is getting a supercharger too. They need to hurry up with Tyson Corner supercharger. Hope for some destination chargers to come soon tyson galleria.

Usually on the weekend I run into about 4-5 Model 3. At least 3 park and charge at Tyson corner. Tesla is slowing taking over. Looking forward to see more folks with model 3 on the road

dmahoney12 | 11 mai 2018

Live in Northern Virginia area and picked up mine from the Rockville Service Center on May 8th. Totally worth the wait! A blast to drive!

Going to Rockville, MD was a pain but I got one of those Tesla tire inflation kits for free. I guess MD requires those to be provided with each car sold.

Silver Metallic, 19's, EAP
3/31 online ASAP
4/13 - Invited to configure and VIN Assigned
5/8 - Delivery.