#1 reason to upgrade to a Model X

#1 reason to upgrade to a Model X

ian | 19 août 2015

Looks perfectly fine to me! Haha! ;-)

carlk | 19 août 2015

What's the problem?

Napoleonblownapart | 19 août 2015

I'm a man! I can move all that stuff!

ScoobyDoo | 19 août 2015

Ha ha. Wonder if Tesla ever considered this "edge case" in their vehicle testing. | 19 août 2015

A Bj&#248rn Nyland imitator in California. | 19 août 2015

That's supposed to be Bjørn
Do you know how hard it is to get that o thing into a post with an ipad?

EVino | 19 août 2015

Well, if it's any consolation, a former Marine encoding standard ASCII (Bjorn) into Nordic character set (Bjørn) is pretty impressive to me. That's a lot more difficult than zeroing an M14 for a 100yd MOA or manual focusing a Model X at 300 yards. | 20 août 2015

What is an M14? I qualified with an M1 and a 45. And a K-bar and bayonet.
HTML sucks but the Model S doesn't. A couple months ago we had two small people from Finland visit us for a week. It was winter in Finland. I think it still is. We showed up in Tampa with Whitey, our Model S, and were alarmed at the mountain of luggage including two full-sized golf bags in cases, two giant suitcases and two roller boards. Yikes! I had to fold one rear seat back down but to my amazement we got everything and everybody into the car with the roller boards in the frunk and the rear hatch closed. As Whitey is the ancient RWD version, we still had the "microwave" to spare as well as the secret compartment behind the rear axle. Hoo-ha!

Wait 'till we have a Model X. We'll be able to pick up three Finns.

EVino | 20 août 2015

Oh my, an M1? Maybe you go back as far as "from the halls of Montezuma."

ken | 20 août 2015

@george, I had exactly the same reaction, I too qualified with the M-1, wasn't any such thing as a M-14. However we did have 105MM for the bad guys.

teslagiddy | 20 août 2015

You guys are missing the most glaring problem in this photo... @EVino needs to get rid of his/her MB with that gaudy hood ornament!!! THAT is the #1 reason to upgrade to a Model X.

ian | 20 août 2015

Ha! Good eye teslagiddy!

paulchiavini | 20 août 2015

Gentlemen (and Ladies), I've been enjoying reading all your comments for months now----nay, years! Anyway, I realize that I may be setting myself up here as bait for vperl (his motto being "let them eat cake"), but my 2001 Mazda Tribute finally died today after 270,000 miles. My 2002 Outback has 306,000 miles on it with only the radiator ever having been replaced. Yes, vperl, I could have bought another ICE long ago but I've been holding out for the X and eating Top Ramen. I need another car relatively soon and my reservation number is 10,800 or thereabouts. I can make it with one car for awhile, but I live at 5,500 ft., I ski all the time, and ideally I need one SUV. So should I wait for the X or just buy a new Outback as my load-and-go wagon? Wait for it, wait for it!!! vperl: "If you have to ask that question, you idiot---buy the Subie and get off the forum!" George and Ken: Semper Fi---I must be younger---I qualled with the M16A1 . Who will weigh in on my First-World problem?

EVino | 20 août 2015

@teslagiddy, are you sure we're not neighbors?

Can this old goat be traded for a P85+ ? Gaudy ornament in excellent condition. | 21 août 2015

@paul: I just missed the First World War, I think. As to your "problem", if you've been living with an Outback, you can probably get by with a Model S with all-wheel drive. Buy the 70D. It holds more than the Outback and costs a lot less than the X that you won't get before next spring sometime. Put your skis on the roof and have a blast. You can get $1000 off if you order before October by using any Tesla owner's link. They might even share their $1000 gift certificate. You are driving on borrowed time.

teslagiddy | 21 août 2015

I wish I lived in California :)
BTW - I love that chrome bumper on that MB - tank like! I'm sure the engine still purrs like a kitten, but alas it burns gasoline.

paulchiavini | 21 août 2015

Thanks George! But those falcon-wing doors! How cool is that? Maybe I'll do a lease on a cheap AWD car to hold me over…does the 70D have the air-suspension as an option?

ian | 21 août 2015

Paul - Someone pointed out the prospects of taking over a lease for the short term. Perhaps there is something at that will fit your needs.

kamala | 21 août 2015

Paul, are you somewhere in Colorado? Utah? I'm in the Denver area, and also have an Outback, the official car of Colorado, it seems, but it is a 2010 with <80k miles.
Do what you can to hold out until at least Sept 30, where answers might be provided.

ian | 21 août 2015

As you can tell, I'm in Washington, the Left coast Subieland and have 110k on my 2005 Legacy wagon. I agree with kamala, if you can keep that Outback running another 20 or 30k it will be worth the wait. I mean it's made it more than 300 so far, no problem, right!?! ;-)

paulchiavini | 21 août 2015

Thanks Kamala and Ian----I'm in Reno/Tahoe---yet another land where the Subie is the official car. :-) I can easily hold out until October sometime. I will borrow or rent a second car if I need one. The Outback just keeps humming along---but it's the 3.0 VDC Sedan---not much storage. It will be my backup ICE after I get the Tesla.

paradis | 21 août 2015

@paul - I'm currently driving a swapalease MB. It worked out well for me.