8 foot wide garage

8 foot wide garage


I have an 8 foot wide garage door opening. Anyone have a simliar situation and find it ok to park this beast? I just ordered mine, but am worried about this, especially since mirrors don't fold "automagically".

Is this going to be hellish for me? I tried to park my wife's Audi Q7 in that garage and it was a struggle, but I got the car in. Now I'm a little worried. Any advice or reassurance would be great.

Garage width: 96"
Model S width with mirrors up: 86.2"
Model S with mirrors folded: 77.3"

Audi Q7 with mirrors up: 85.7"
Audi Q7 with mirrors folded: 78.1 "


gt1485a | 1 mai 2013

You'll get used to it. We are spoiled in the US with overly wide everything. Spend some time in the old city centers of Europe and you will see just how narrow roads get. 10" is a mile of clearance.

tm | 1 mai 2013

It sounds like that's going to be a tight fit! Haha. Coincidently, my garage is also 8 feet wide! Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on delivery, so I cannot confirm just how hellish our parking situations will most likely be. Also, while the mirrors aren't capable of automatically folding in, you could always manually fold them in.

sandman | 1 mai 2013

I have a similar situation but with a little more space such that I have about 4 inches of clearance through the opening with only one mirror folded. This basically means I only have to roll the driver window down to fold 1 mirror. I started my Tesla life folding both mirrors to be safe but found that I got good enough to only fold one. So if you are willing to go through the pain of manually folding both every time I wouldn't avoid the purchase for the garage size only.

It helps if you can pull into the garage vs. back in. Once you are in the garage you are already basically aligned and backing out is easier. If you have to back into the garage due to the power supply location, I'd consider marking the garage floor so you can align/space correctly using the backup camera so you don't hit surround stuff/walls. The camera is a bit more fish-eyed than most cars and hard to tell how close you are to things sometimes.

asim77 | 1 mai 2013

Thanks for the help. Sandman, it looks like I have similar garage specs as you. Is your garage 96" wide or 100"?

DTsea | 1 mai 2013

Mine is fine. I BACK IT IN. about 5 inches on each side. Backing, you can control the last part to enter (the front). I have to do this because I am on an alley facing a wall in front of the garage.

I don't fold the mirrors- the body is almost as wide as the mirrors and it is easy to park using the side mirrors to see door clearance when BACKING.

Note that an 8' door has a 95" clear opening.

DTsea | 1 mai 2013

And I find driving out of the garage is easier because I can see if cars are coming AND (parking on the right side) the charge port is in the middle right in front of the NEMA 14-50 plug. Try it both ways IF you have a driveway clear path to approach the door straight on. If you have to TURN into the garage, I would recommend backing it in.

asim77 | 1 mai 2013


You have an 8' door then? How's life with the Tesla S and this parking situation. Is it cumbersome and time consuming?

asim77 | 1 mai 2013

I have a very clear garage path, I'll post a pic tomorrow.

eAdopter | 1 mai 2013

Same issue here. Including the garage door rubber trim I only have 93". It's a tight fit with 1.5" on each side.

DouglasR | 1 mai 2013

I also hung a packing blanket on the wall so that if I do touch the rough concrete blocks on the wall, it won't scuff the paint.

DTsea | 1 mai 2013

DouglasR good idea! My garage is wood frame but I like your thinking!

Asim77, it is fine. I like backing in- puts the charge port in center of garage (not by wall) and (since I park on right side, the other side cant be entered due to alley geometry- alley built after the garage!!!) also allows me not to exit on wall side.

I also prefer driving out of garage forward in the morning, since it is an alley I can see better that way.

It took a little practice but now it is a smooth maneuver.

My wife has taken to backing in NEXT to the garage in her car for the same reasons- you have finer control backing because you can move the front of the car around a corner.

DouglasR | 1 mai 2013

The other thing to keep in mind is that the accelerator on the Model S is incredibly precise and responsive. I can move the car a half inch at a time, unlike an ICE that you need to gun a bit before it moves, and then it moves too much.

riceuguy | 1 mai 2013

I have about an inch and a half clearance on either side and I put up foam pads outside the garage in case I clip the wall with a mirror, and a foam pad on the wall for when I open the doors. Backing out is no picnic but with the driver mirror folded in it is not that bad. I now wonder why on earth they put the stupid brick column in the middle of the garage rather than one large door.

herkimer | 1 mai 2013

After reading this post, I checked my garage.
Only 93 inches opening.
Gonna be a squeeze!

mrothman | 1 mai 2013


I have the same configuration of an alley with a wall, but no car yet delivery is supposed to be in three weeks or so. I do have the luxury of more space width wise then you have, but I was wondering if you know how wide is your alley. I am moving from an M3 to the Tesla, I back in the M3 no problem, but there is a lot of extra width and length with the Model S that worries me.

LMB | 1 mai 2013

Over on the TMC forums, there's a picture of a Model S in a garage of this exact size (my size, too - pretty standard).

asim77 | 1 mai 2013

Ok, yikes. I just measured my garage opening. It's actually only 90.5". :( This doesn't look good!

herkimer | 1 mai 2013

Just measured my Acura. Almost the same as the model s, which is 1/2 inch wider wih mirrors not folded.
I get in and out fine now. Have to be careful but no problem.

asim77 | 1 mai 2013


How wide is your garage opening?

asim77 | 1 mai 2013

Oh sorry, I see it is 93"... mine is 90.5. Think it's ok?

Also do fold mirrors when you go in though?

rsbevans | 1 mai 2013

You can imagine my horror when 2 weeks before scheduled delivery I measured my garage door opening and found it to be 86", the exact width of the Model S. With the mirrors folded in, I get 5" of clearance on each side. I have thus become very adept at this tight parking maneuver, and it is definitely a nuisance. Nonetheless, I consider it a small price to pay for owning the awesome Model S!

dlewis | 1 mai 2013

I just remodeled the front of my garage. It originally had a single 18' wide door that an opener couldn't work with and was continually breaking roller brackets. Ended up doing 1 8' door for lawn mowers etc, and a 9' door for the car to use. Sounds like a good decision.

Brian H | 1 mai 2013


hpatelmd | 1 mai 2013

I have a 93" opening, like eAdopter, with about 1.5" clearance either side (mirrors extended). I too had worried that the mirrors would need to be folded, but have found that the very precise control at crawl pace allows fairly easy entry/exit (head in, reverse out for me). My previous Acura TL allowed for quicker in/out, but as others have said, the slower parking is a very insignificant factor, easily outweighed by the sheer delight of driving the finest car on the road.

jjaeger | 1 mai 2013

Mine is similar to hpatelmd & eAdopter @ 93". Has not been an issue but you do have to pay attention, I find more on backing out than in for some unknown reason. I will say that if you are 2 1/2 inches less, that the 'slop' that I enjoy is all gone, and you'll have to be very vigilant on every in/out (w/ the mirrors out).

sunkat | 2 mai 2013
hnashif | 2 mai 2013

My garage opening is 94" w/1" rubber on both sides. I drive head on and reverse on exit. It has not been a problem, but I had a panic attack right after I finalized and went to measure the door opening!

holstein13 | 2 mai 2013

I've got about 1.5 inches of clearance on either side of my mirrors. Definitely a tight fit but as many folks have said, the control of the throttle is fantastic and if you do it slowly enough, you won't have any problems.

tobys1 | 2 mai 2013

I have such a garage. I leave the mirrors out and there is about 4 inches total extra between the garage door springs and the car. I find the mirrors make it very easy to see and to drive into the garage and you sure know you are centered for entering!

I love the mirrors out. No problem.

ColonyGolfer | 2 mai 2013

No problem at 96". I pull straight in and fold in the driver's mirror. That gives me plenty of room on both sides. I also never turn the wheel when I pull in, so I just roll it out without manipulating the wheel when I back out. (Unlike other family member)

asim77 | 2 mai 2013

LOL dvclifford at the "other family member". Hope they don't read this site!

Thanks everyone.

So I have this wood trim on each side of the opening. I can see if I can demo that and attach some rubber weather stripping or something else instead. That would give me. 92". That's still tight, but hopefully doable.

I'll submit a pic soon.

Musker | 2 mai 2013

My door opening is only 83, but Gordon my 7series in. Mirror fold foe sure!

Musker | 2 mai 2013

Make that "got my 7seriesin"