90 Mile Range Model S for $10k less?

90 Mile Range Model S for $10k less?

It appears that for every 70 mile range in battery capacity, it costs about $10,000. Would Tesla consider offering a 90 mile range Model S for about $10k less? For drivers like myself, 90 mile range is more than enough to satisfy my daily commuting needs and paying $10k less would definitely put me in the market for Model S. I would think this option should appeal to a lot of consumers like me? Any thoughts?

whlin76 | 19 mars 2011

Also, as the battery technologies get cheaper and better, make it so that I can upgrade to larger capacity later on. I don't know about other people but this would be totally ideal for me.

ckessel | 19 mars 2011

I suppose if there's demand, but the Nissan Leaf has 100 mile range and costs quite a bit less than the proposed 90 mile Model S. Tesla would be competing in an odd market segment at that point.

Timo | 20 mars 2011

"Luxury city car" -market segment. A bit big car for a city car.

Nicu | 20 mars 2011

I don't think this is possible. For two reasons :

- price : going down to 90 miles only gets production costs lower by $2k-$4k and they strived to get the promised entry price AND keeping the entry level profit margins

- tech : less cells will not have enough power for good acceleration / go up the hill with a fully loaded car; cells will have to do more cycles so the battery will be dead much sooner