AC Outside Noise

AC Outside Noise

When i turn on AC from my phone I can hear the fan or compressor from several feet away. It is a whining noise. Anyone else hear theirs? Even at a slightly lower temperature, outside temp 70 degrees I turn to 67 inside and its pretty noticeable. Wondering if I need to get it checked out.

stevenmaifert | 1 mai 2013

When I turn on my AC from the phone or from the touch screen, I hear the system spin up. The system tends to run at max for a short time and the noise is quite noticeable. As the inside temperature starts to reach the set temperature, I can hear the system throttle back and the noise diminishes. I think what you are hearing is normal.

bbmertz | 1 mai 2013

I too hear fairly loud noises, presumably from the compressor, even when initially running the A/C at low fan speeds. Occassionally I am able to resolve this issue by turning the A/C off and then back on. It sounds like this is a somewhat common issue, however I will ask the service center to check it out the next time I bring my car in.

negarholger | 1 mai 2013

I have my car always in range mode, so the A/C doesn't go to the highest setting and the noise is more moderate.

biggator | 1 mai 2013

Your old car did this, too - but you couldn't hear it over the engine.

Mark E | 1 mai 2013

I think you are spot on. In a conventional car turning on the air-co generally also activates a second cooling fan, plus the compressor noise. It's just that the car is often also making noise so you don't notice it.

Even just turning on the ignition in a conventional ICE car makes noise - without the engine running. Why does everyone expect the model S accessories to also be silent?

davecolene0606 | 1 mai 2013

Yea the noise is the compressor going. The beautiful thing is that we have a digital scroll compressor so it only runs as hard as it needs to. This is why you hear more noise initially and then it modulates continuously based o. The BTU load (larger delta in temp = more noise).

It is THE state of the art in efficiency. Your ICE compressor was on 100% then off to modulate temp, a real power hog.

Current house A/C have 2 speed systems and digital scroll is on the way for them as well which will result in a rough double in efficiency. The S is state of the art here.

riceuguy | 3 mai 2013

I think this is something different...when it is hot out, the AC in my car is vibrating rather violently and making a worrisome noise. I am definitely taking it in next week!

christurbeville | 3 mai 2013

There's been mention of a fan hitting body work or its shroud. It may be what you are hearing. Mine is loud but doesn't sound like its broken just as one mentioned a noise you wouldn't hear over an ICE:)

rd2 | 3 mai 2013

Agree, it's normal to hear this with no ICE in the background.

However, you will hear the AC still running for a few seconds after you exit the car while it spins down. But just a few seconds and then silence.

Robert22 | 4 mai 2013

If you're talking about the low frequency rumble that sounds like a subway coming into a station it is not normal, and one of the items addressed with some form of insulation tape. Volkerize for details,

pilotSteve | 4 mai 2013

slight thread drift, but I hope these kind of improvements (insulation tape, rubbing fans, tighten/replace suspension bolts, etc.) are why its worth having the annual service done!

DouglasR | 4 mai 2013

The AC compressor can run even if you have the AC off, because it is used to cool the battery. The AC bracket has a tendency to rub against the frunk liner, causing a low, rumble or vibration. Service has a fix for this -- they re-position the bracket.