after reading this article should we be worried. any truth to this?

after reading this article should we be worried. any truth to this?

Red Sage ca us | 20 juin 2014

"Disclosure: The author is short TSLA. The author wrote this article themselves, and it expresses their own opinions. The author is not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). The author has no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article."

No surprise there. The article is just a blog post. Yet another listing of everything that any informed Tesla Enthusiast already knows, because they have been told by every naysayer under the sun already.

We know the risks. We know the hype. We know the reality.

The Tesla Model S represents the future of transportation. This is the worst it will be. It will only get better from here.

AlMc | 21 juin 2014

I find most SA articles are like a broken clock. They will be right for 2 minutes in every 24 hour period.

The SA authors are paid by each 'view'. The more outrageous the title/view the more people 'click' on them.

jjs | 21 juin 2014

Laughable. Full of half-truths and unsubstantiated claims. Clearly aimed at tilting the facts in favor of his short position.

One of the most telling comments is how the flood of new EVs and PHEVs are coming to market and will compete with the S. However the one that takes the cake is the reference to fuel cell vehicles. Competition to the S? Only in a fantasy world where the laws of physics don't apply.

Red Sage ca us | 21 juin 2014

AIMc: That sounds like a proper assessment of 'Seeking Alpha' to me.

jjs: Correct. It wasn't worth my time to refute that copy & pasted listing of the same tripe that is posted over, and over, and over again in every comments section on every article that mentions Tesla Motors at WSJ, Forbes, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, et al websites by Shorts, Bears, and Naysayers throughout the internet. I guess they'll never give up.