Am I going to get screwed on Taxes/incentives?

Am I going to get screwed on Taxes/incentives?

I live in New Jersey. Here, there is no sales tax on electric vehicles. My model S is scheduled for delivery in December. So I should expect to pay no sales tax.

Now here's the catch…

We are going to be moving (sometime in the first or second quarter of 2014) to California. California requires that any car less than a year-old pay "use tax" which coincidentally is the same amount as their sales tax less what you paid in NJ. That means, I lose any benefit to buying the car in New Jersey.

My question, do I then qualify for California is $2500 EV incentive? It seems unfair that I would lose out on both states incentives just because of a timing issue.

I tried calling the motor vehicle people in California and, after waiting for them to call me back, spoke to one of the rudest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, who was not only unhelpful but also sarcastic and uncooperative. I think they must breed these people special or something. Normal human beings aren't generally that obnoxious.

Anyone know the best way to handle this? Is there a way to get the $2500 credit even if I take delivery in New Jersey? Anyway to minimize the tax burden (legally of course)?