Another reason why I would love to be oil independant with my Model S

Another reason why I would love to be oil independant with my Model S

So I can feel I am not a contributor to termoil in the Middle East because of world dependency on their oil:

If this escalates then gas prices will soar again, hang on to your reservations people, the resale market alone may make it worthwhile... :D

dborn | 3 Janvier 2012

Quite the contrary, getting rid of Muslim oil will put em back on their camels and further, will likely solve the Israel problem since further due support for this democracy will make the barbarians retreat and be forced to solve their own problems instead of blaming someone else for them. It may also reduce further world Muslim terrorism, as their primitive cultures implode. Currently they are only supported by our demand For their oil, and so we play nice with them.

discoducky | 3 Janvier 2012

Wish this article had links to the analysts predictions:

BYT | 3 Janvier 2012

"$3.25 a gallon" is not the norm in California, can't even get that price at the discounted Costco pumps locally. I would be sad but not surprised to see $5 a gallon gas this summer and man will that Model S with it's minimum 160 Miles per full charge pack look pretty spectacular when that happens. I will be sure to get the glass top with sunroof so I can fly the bird as I drive by my local Chevron station!

David M. | 3 Janvier 2012

hmmm . . .
$5.00 gasoline means you need to use two clubs on your Model S steering wheel, and perhaps also pay for a higher tech security system. Maybe also pay for Lo-jack too.

When gas prices go up quickly, lawful citizens are driven to crime. Remember gas siphoning? Every vehicle with a large gas tank was a target.

Brian H | 4 Janvier 2012

Siphoning solution:

stephenpace | 5 Janvier 2012

@David M, not sure the Telsa Model S will need LoJack. Can't I just look on my iPhone to see where it is? And probably tell it to turn off as well? :-)

David M. | 5 Janvier 2012

@stephenpace - "Can't I just look on my iPhone to see where it is?"

I sure hope so, but I'll definitely use a club, wheel locks, etc.

Teoatawki | 5 Janvier 2012

Not too keen on the "tell it to turn off" feature. More likely, I'd get hacked, and some malicious stranger would "tell it to turn off".

jbunn | 5 Janvier 2012

I've found this whole discussion on other threads about 0 - 60 at 5.6, or 5.9 seconds or whatever (don't tell me, I don't want to know, don't care), to be a waste of time.

The S will go plenty fast. I'm more excited about 0 to 60 with no gasoline. And minimial oil lubricants.

Save oil for more important stuff like petrochemicals and plastics. Or pavement. I can power off the sun, the wind, the tide, or hydro as they are developed. And less off gasoline. And as time goes on, we've head more and more in that direction.

That's why I love it.

stephenpace | 5 Janvier 2012

OnStar has the feature that allows the operator to force the car to slow down in a controlled way, so Tesla having a similar option is certainly in the realm of possibility. A good reason to have a REALLY strong password on the account, though. :-)

At the Model S event, they had a projection screen with the application and you could watch the cars drive around on the test rides. And if you catch George Blankenship at a store opening, he's often got the existing Betas hooked up to his phone and can show you some early functionality.