Anyone else glad they are not getting one of the first model x vehicles?

Anyone else glad they are not getting one of the first model x vehicles?

I'm reservation number 14000 something- I'm actuslly debating delaying my slot another 6 months or so. I'm looking at the model s forums and there seem to be issues with the model d. Quite a few issues. It seems tesla rolled out the d a bit incomplete. What are the chances they do the same to the model x? Or after 2 years of delay you think they figured it out how to build the car with no issues?

Lucythesplainer | 10 février 2015

I guess there is a financial report coming out on Wednesday (tomorrow as I type this) with some news expected then. In my obsessive trolling for updates I found this article:
Love the site & it's podcasts.

Red Sage ca us | 10 février 2015

"...and now, a 2016 model-year car with an estimated launch date for Q3 this year."

Inaccurate. Tesla Motors does not date their cars as traditional automobile manufacturers do. Any cars built during 2015 are considered 2015 models.

"...the three reasons for the Tesla Model S delay nailed down: those famous falcon wing doors; range concerns; and towing capabilities."

Truly, range and towing should be considered the same concern. Tesla Motors stated the importance of class leading towing capabilities for Model X ages ago. But being able to move perhaps 6,000 to 7,500 lbs is of no use if you cannot span the 150 to 200 miles between Superchargers while doing so.

ian | 10 février 2015

The financial report coming out tomorrow is the Fourth Quarter 2014 financial report. Live phone call at 2:30 PST.

I find these calls very entertaining. Even if I wasn't an investor. ;-)

ian | 10 février 2015

Sorry. 4th quarter and full year 2014 financial report.

CarlE_P439 | 26 février 2015

#173 for NON-Sig Model X. Can't wait! Or I should say my wife can't wait. Though the Model S has improved in some ways, I do not regret having a 2012 Model S.

Brian H | 26 février 2015

The trouble with a 2015 MS is that it wasn't driveable in 2012, 2013, and 2014. ;P

Lucythesplainer | 4 mars 2015

I'm on vacation in Las Vegas, test drove a Model sd on Monday. Oh my...

Now a little sorry I'll be waiting so long, and about the news blackout!

ian | 4 mars 2015

Glad to hear you enjoyed your test drive Lucy! Yeah, the wait only get's worse once you've placed an order. Or so I'm told. ;-) | 4 mars 2015

The angst of waiting for the X is greatly mitigated by getting a Model S in the interim, I am delighted to report.