Apps for the Model S

Apps for the Model S

Anybody know if there are future apps in the works for the Model S?

What apps would people like?

First one that comes to mind for me would be the PlugShare app.


DallasTXModelS | 18 octobre 2013

They said they were going to make it open to developers but there still would have to be some limits placed on what they would be able to control do to safety of drivers and passengers and not leave Tesla open to law suits.

I wish they would offer different "skins" for both the dashboard and 17" screen to display the exact same controls and readouts.

There is a screen that makes the 17" screen look like a fighter jet and a Tesla Dashboard clock but they are both just applications that run in the web browser and block the real car controls and readouts.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 octobre 2013

A trip planner app that locates chargers and uses collected energy usage to increase the accuracy of travel routes.

brian4591 | 18 octobre 2013


I like that!

Does anyone know if it is open to all developers? Is there a developer tool kit? What are the limits?

ir | 19 octobre 2013

Sorry, no details yet. The software folks have been busy with their own apps lately (rotating maps, vampire drain, etc...). Making a public API is really hard work from documentation to security hardening to tech support to addressing all the warts before lifting the covers for outsiders.

Apple & Google has hundreds of engineers to work on just doing that. Tesla I heard only had nine! Hope they are beefing up but they are already working really hard.

2050project | 19 octobre 2013

There appears to be a new Tesla social app listed in the aftermarket section on this page for link and download:

And of course there is the google glass app called "Visible Tesla" (listed there too):

2050project | 19 octobre 2013
brian4591 | 19 octobre 2013


I think you misunderstood. I meant apps for the Tesla's display in the car.

Thanks for the info on mobile Tesla apps.

brian4591 | 19 octobre 2013

Another cool app would be to show on the map where all the other Tesla drivers are at.

J.T. | 19 octobre 2013

@brian4591 Just ask the NSA.

gibbs | 19 octobre 2013

I would want Twist. Never used it, but it sounds pretty neat, from a guy who invested in Tesla.


brian4591 | 23 octobre 2013

Well this answers a lot of the questions:

"The Android emulator is one of a few app development avenues being considered for the vehicle, which Musk expects to be opened up to developers "towards the end of next year." Musk also outlined several software additions that had to be made before this could take place, including adding local language and navigation data, and upgrading the cars' built-in browser to Google Chrome"

Smart thinking. Let's see where this goes!

Kaboom | 23 octobre 2013

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