Aug 7 event in Norway

Aug 7 event in Norway

I have confirmation from Tesla in Oslo that there will be en "event" in Oslo on Aug 7 where 10 Lucky Model S Signature owners will get the first EU cars (other than the demos that are already in Place at the shops)

My signature red P85+ will be waiting for me when i Return from Vacation on Aug 19 - probably means that I, for the first time, want the vacation to be over quickly.....

tobi_ger | 1 août 2013

So looking forward to see any coverage of it! You guys are the luckiest ones in Europe! :)

Benz | 2 août 2013

Yes, photo's and video's please.

TexasYes | 2 août 2013

My Delivery Specialist told me last week that some really cool new features were rolling out I'm a software update on the 7th as well. Any speculation as to what these might be?

Benz | 2 août 2013

The people who are going to get their Model Ses on August 7th in Oslo, are they active on this forum?

bnyland | 2 août 2013

I will go there on August 7 and shoot videos. I hope it's ok for the Signature owners to publish videos on YouTube :)

Benz | 2 août 2013

@ bnyland

You are a great guy, you know that.

Don't forget to share a link.

Cheers mate

Geert.Snijders | 2 août 2013

+1 Benz

tobi_ger | 2 août 2013

@bnyland +100 Great!

bnyland | 2 août 2013

I heard that the event will start at 11:00 and last all day until 15:00. Unfortunately I have to work that day. But I will try to be there for 11:00 and shoot some videos, then come back around 15:00. I doubt anyone want to watch a 4 hour long video anyways :P

Can someone here confirm the 11:00 and 15:00 times?

Benz | 5 août 2013

Who else is going to attend the event?

Benz | 6 août 2013


jens.guthe | 6 août 2013

Was in Alnabru 3 hours ago......
1) There is no event of official nature there tomorrow, JUST delivery of the first 13 cars tomorrow. ( JUST- who are they kidding!) They were running around like headless chickens getting everything ready. As such , they were worried that lots of TMS geeks would show up.

3) The place was full with signature models to be delivered tomorrow. What a pretty sight for longing eyes.

4)TMC Norway IS aligning the wheels at the SC as part of delivery procedure.

5) There will likely be a Tesla insurance program in the next weeks. They just have to get cars these delivered in next few weeks.

6) ALLOY/ RIM SPECIFICATIONS: It is Now confirmed: BY policy, Tesla will NOT give us official confirmation of the 19 inch rim specifications. "no comment and not authorized to give you that" mumbo jumbo. Basically they want to sell THEIR rims. News on the cyclone alloys/rims are absent and not a focus right now.

7) LED FOGLIGHTS are allegedly being delivered. They certainly were on the many cars in the SC today.

8) SIMCARD A data/mobile service agreement is under establishment with one of the large providers ( suspect telenor) for 3G service for nav and internet. Option is to tether your own phone 3G wi fi.

9) FLOOR MATS are allegedly NOT included.

This is what I have for now. I feel like I have been to Mini TMC heaven Oslo branch and died :=)

PaalT | 6 août 2013

Tesla, Oslo, confirmed to me that the Cars are delivered with textile floor mats.

Benz | 7 août 2013

No event, but there will be deliveries, right?