Back doors Model X + passing cyclists

Back doors Model X + passing cyclists

Has there been any thoughts on the risk of severly injuring cyclists that pass a parked Tesla model X that has its back door(s) open?

A little miss in the concentration of the cycklist and the cyclist's head crashes into the back door while the rest of the cyclist's body continues forward in the same speed as before. From behind, the open back door in profile is not as visible as a conventional open car door?

Ankit Mishra | 6 octobre 2015

Yes. The solution is to drive your cycle with your eyes open.

eric.zucker | 6 octobre 2015

The buttons to close the Falcon doors are very conveniently located on the rear side, lit, and bright red. Seem pretty visible to me.

NumberOne | 6 octobre 2015

This is not true. Wit falcon wings open, they are quite obvious. Aside from that, a standard door poses even more of a threat. A cyclist could duck at the last second but must swerve if someone opens a standard door all of a sudden. Many cyclists are seriously injured by either hitting car doors or swerving to try and avoid them. The falcon wings do not open so fast that this would be a problem, since they first move up then out.

NumberOne | 6 octobre 2015

Typo 'with'. Too bad wit is a word.

SamO | 6 octobre 2015

Hey bicycle riders head would be below the stopped position of the model X door.

Unless they are riding this:

pvetesla | 6 octobre 2015


Not this thread again!!! I think it made it to about 10 pages last time.

PXChanel | 6 octobre 2015

People who are worried about cyclists bumping into their MX falcon wing doors should buy another SUV. There are plenty of other gas guzzling options. They should cancel their MX reservation so I can get my MX sooner.

MX Res # 5,XXX trying to be patient

SamO | 6 octobre 2015