Battery Management System (BMS)

Battery Management System (BMS)

Hi all
Does anybody have any information about the battery management which will be used in Model S ?

Ramon123 | 12 février 2011

Simple logic would indicate that it would be practically identical to that used in the roadster, which may have been tweaked since its inception. I can't imagine any reason for it to differ, unless
the new cells that Panasonic will provide for the 300 mile
packs allow for some changes.

nlukin | 12 février 2011

I would guess it would be an next gen from existing Roadster. They need to enhance BMS to support 480 Volts/60amps fast charging. Also, new high capacity cells for 300 miles pack.

band27 | 12 février 2011

Wishful thinking for the above upgrades. Best to cross fingers in pray the tesla does so to be ahead of the competitive market that is about to explode.