Battery Swap - 10 Years Down the Road

Battery Swap - 10 Years Down the Road

I believe Elon is looking into the future with this technology. Imagine 10 years from now you may find it hard to find a taxi that does not run on electricity if companies can own/lease their own battery swap device.

rchiang | 21 juin 2013

After looking at the clip I think that there would be a few issues on this battery swapping.

I'm sure a lot of rims would be scratched if not aligned correctly to the designated swap.
Also when you tend to swap all the time will the screw wear off then case problem? does thing needs to be dummy proof so that over 100 swaps it will not wear off or break off or even finding replacement to fix the tread.

Tom A | 21 juin 2013

@Roddy: agreed.

@rchiang: excellent points. I've wondered the same thing; however, I'm sure they've thought of it.

rchiang | 21 juin 2013

I never seen the bottom of the car behind the battery but I hope I'm wrong on my question. I hope the screws female part is not part of the frame of the car and that wears off then your screwed.

Also if you look at the last white car when he had to swap you notices that he didn't aligned the car correctly and the car jerked really hard to push it in place. I like to see his rims now.

TimHuey | 21 juin 2013

Watching the clip above I see no jerking or movement of the white car at all after it's stop. Are you looking at a different clip. The rims also look fine. Actually they look better than fine. Someone did a great job on detailing.

rchiang | 21 juin 2013

Look at 1:57

rchiang | 21 juin 2013

Also at 2:53 on this clip.

rdalcanto | 21 juin 2013

The thing I like about it is how easy it will be to upgrade the battery in 5-10 years if the battery starts loosing capacity. The Model X is going to be on the same platform, so what ever they develop for the MS should also work for the MX.

cerjor | 21 juin 2013

If the battery pack is an integral part of the structure and helps TM achieve a 5-star safety rating, what will swapping do to the rating? One could argue that swapping changes the structure of the car.

Mark Z | 21 juin 2013

Attending the event, the side tire guides looked as if covered with rubber. They were very low and I couldn't help but think, "I wish my touchless wash had guides like this." Tesla Motors desogned protection into the swap station design. The bolts are torqued to factory specifications, so you get a factory calibrated bolt tighting for no extra charge!

rchiang | 21 juin 2013

I just read the news somewhere that you get your battery back on the return trip. Now how would the machine know that you will come back? Also if you have so many people doing that at the same time you will need huge place underground to store people's battery until they return back to swap it back.

PapaSmurf | 21 juin 2013

The water table in Florida is very near the surface. There is a real that houses in Florida don't have basements. According to Elon this is all underground and a swap station building requires some digging down.

gary.greene | 21 juin 2013

My question is if you can swap a 60kwh battery for an 85kwh for longer range on the road trip or if you can only swap like for like batteries?

David70 | 21 juin 2013


They do have swimming pools in Florida.

They might have to use heavily reinforced concrete for their "basements" to keep the water out, but I doubt it would make the construction a very significant amount more expensive.

Wayne3 | 21 juin 2013

@cerjor You're swapping a component that is an integral part of the structure with an identical component that is an integral part of the structure. No different than changing your tires.

stangel | 21 juin 2013

Or they would build a platform. Anyway, don't they have Jiffy Lube in FL?

AmpedRealtor | 21 juin 2013

@ JamesM, it doesn't have to be underground in Florida - build a platform and ramp.

Brian H | 21 juin 2013
July10Models | 21 juin 2013

You know how when you select a destination on the GPS , you are presented with an option to call the location. Well when you select a Tesla station, you'll get the option to let the station track your progress so that your pack which you previously left to charge is ready for installation just as you pull up. This is the 21st Century, location reporting is not a big deal, you can check in anytime.

tobys1 | 22 juin 2013

What interests me is whether, in a few years, the capacity of the model s battery will increase a lot. Can swap out for a 500 mile battery?