battery vehicle buying co-op

battery vehicle buying co-op

I just came up with this idea to thinking about the "gas out" on Monday. I say on facebook there are like 20,000 people who joined the group- which really doesn't do anything, but i digress.

Here's the idea
you get a bunch of people together and they pay $10 a week or something (that's less than 2 extra value meals at Mcdonalds)
They put their name, current mpg, and miles traveled per year and gas price. I would like to keep track to see how many gallons of gas this program saves

When the amount of money equals a critical amount there is a raffle and who ever wins gets that money minus what they would be paying for gas (this goes back into the pot) put towards a BEV and ONLY a BEV.
They have to keep the BEV for a year.

You can also have it tiered
So the leaf is threshold #1
Tesla threshold #2
Ford Focus threshold #3

This is a non-profit so whoever is administering the program does not get any money. This is purely to get ICE engines off the road so someone whose a firm believer in BEVs is needed to volunteer their time. I think we can get this loop hole of a non-profit buying co-op since there is no profit and no one is being paid.

Think about it this way, if 5,000 people are putting $10/week, that's a Model S sale/week, not factoring the gas savings money. Given, a little over 1% of the people will get a vehicle/year, but this is a viable alternative to get people who can not afford a BEV a chance to own one.

Think it's a good idea or not?

Call it enlightened self-interest if you will. It's in everyone's benefit to consume less gasoline (cost of goods and services should decrease, in theory), so if you can give people a chance to not burn gas for a nominal fee, it'll work

Dan5 | 12 mars 2011

I agree it is a privilege and you can choose any vehicle you want, but for the sake of getting ICE engines off the road. I'm thinking this is a backdoor way to get BEV market share from ICE engines, take ICE engines off the road, and relieve our dependency on oil quicker. This is another way to get more people to buy BEV.

Ramon123 | 13 mars 2011

The only change in our oil dependency over the next 5 years will come from the large amounts of oil now starting to flow from the Bakken oil fields in Montana and the Dakotas. That million EV fleet that 'bama keeps yakking about wouldn't affect anything.
As to a "gas out," if you aren't reducing your gasoline consumption, then you can't possibly be affecting anything, excepting the scheduling of fill-ups over the next few days, which means nothing.