Behind the scenes inside an ICE

Behind the scenes inside an ICE

In case you've ever wondered what actually happens inside an ICE - here's all the action, at 1000fps using a temperature and pressure resistant camera:

Looks pretty primitive compared to electric, doesn't it?


Captain_Zap | 6 octobre 2013

Good lord. Primative is the exact word that came to my mind too. I see extinction on the horizon.

Once you consider all the deterioration due to heat, corrosive fluids and other by-products of the process and compare it to an electric, one would think that an EV could virtually last forever.

I know of some massive 3 phase motors that the size of a short bus that have been running almost continuously for over half a century.

Bikezion | 6 octobre 2013

Wasn't able to watch it on the iPad.
That cycle happens 1000 times a minute, at 2000 rpm, on every cylinder! So a v6 has that happening 6,000 times every minute! Really quite amazing that these (gas) cars can go 200,000 miles! That's 1,200,000,000, combustion cycles over the life of the car, not counting idling or revving over 2000 rpm, so probably 2-4 times that!
By comparison, a Tesla just spins the rotor on the 2 bearings, effortlessly, smoothly, and for probably well over a million miles, at least for the motor.