Beta visits

Beta visits

The beta is going to be in dc thanksgiving weekend. Anyone been to a beta visit yet? What kind of access to the car is allowed? Did it look better or worse in person? Anyone else going to be there?

vouteb | 1 décembre 2011

Great, how do you know, where did you find/see that? Thanks!
Next question is obviously what the width is with the mirrors folded, I know it 7'2" WITH mirrors.....

jackhub | 1 décembre 2011

There was a video piece showing the Model S being moved into the Santana Row store in which the side mirrors were folded in. I can't find it!

vouteb | 1 décembre 2011

but that does t tell me width

vouteb | 1 décembre 2011

looks like they fold in manually though as well

Mycroft | 1 décembre 2011

We do not know what the width is with the mirrors folded and we don't know if there will be an automated folding mechanism.

Volker.Berlin | 2 décembre 2011

You make me wonder... You believe in Tesla strongly enough that you put down a significant reservation fee, most of us without even having seen the car in person. I mean, there seems to be significant trust into Tesla's car building capabilities. And it's a $$$ car with a panoramic roof that is controlled by touch on a 17" screen. How can you only for a second believe that the mirrors would *not* fold automatically?

Volker.Berlin | 2 décembre 2011

(My comment applies to the production version. Obviously, the Beta Models may have manually folding mirrors. Who cares?)

Timo | 2 décembre 2011

Another cupholder discussion. I find mirror folding or not folding really irrelevant question. Could someone explain to me how that is important in any way? Why does it matter?

Volker.Berlin | 2 décembre 2011

@Timo, because the USians are schizophrenic in that they love huge cars (the Model S will be one of the widest cars on the road) but seem to have relatively tight garages. I don't know first hand, but that's what I figure.

For parking in German cities, I can also say that automatically folding mirrors are greatly appreciated. Many streets in urban residential areas are relatively narrow (either because they are historic, or on purpose to slow down traffic) and parking a wide car with unfolded mirrors puts those mirrors at undue risk.

vouteb | 2 décembre 2011

Volker: You have got it!
That s why I am asking (from the UK) where the parking sops in garages and Airports are tight. (As well as my garage doors).

vouteb | 2 décembre 2011


Brian H | 3 décembre 2011

Darn, I was having fun trying to imagine what Brits would refer to as a "parking sop". >:(

Peter Spirgel | 3 décembre 2011

I went to the Tesla event in Princeton, N.J. today. They had the red signature model s on display. You can't drive it but they allowed you to sit in the car for a minute and gave you a short demonstration of the touch screen monitor. They did not have the key as they did not want the car starting every time someone buckled in. I asked about the area between the two front seats and the Tesla reps seemed to think that they were not planning on adding anything. I liked the look of the car's exterior; however I think the front "grill" could be improved. Right now it's just a solid piece of black plastic. Didn't learn much new info and in fact the Tesla reps seemed to acknowledge that they were waiting for more details themselves. They indicated that further details would be posted/released on 12/15! We shall see... They acknowledged that the interior still was a work in progress and that Tesla was paying attention to comments from reservation holders. I pushed for vented seats and some other items on my wish list. One observation - the rear facing seats cant fit an adult as the head room is very limited. I realize they are not rated/intended for adults but i was hoping i could use them in a pinch. Not possible.

Looking forward to test driving the car before I have to let my deposit go hard.

BYT | 5 décembre 2011

@Peter Spirgel, Elon had an adult male under the front hood at the Fremont event... in a pinch maybe? ;)

As far as the folding mirrors go, in my neighborhood I have had to replace 5 driver side mirrors in the last 6 years because people apparently do not know how to drive and have clipped my cars. The only time I ever go on eBay is to purchase these things and I install them all myself. I just shake my head every time I go outside and see the mirror dangling by it's cord. I find myself forgetting at times (when in a rush) to fold them in so having them auto fold in would be fantastic!

Peter Spirgel | 5 décembre 2011

@BYT, Elon had an adult male under the front hood at the Fremont event... in a pinch maybe? ;)

That's reserved for my mother-in-law ;)

EdG | 5 décembre 2011

Then you'll want the extra road noise elimination package to deaden sounds from near the wheel wells. And/or the front sound production for blind pedestrians. Unless you think the blind will hear her chatting away?

Brian H | 8 décembre 2011

Chatting, no. Screaming, yes.

Charged_Up | 12 décembre 2011

I hear the model s beta will be coming to Miami late jan or early feb - will try to confirm for my fellow floridians....

Soflauthor | 13 décembre 2011

Thx, @Charged_Up. If you hear anything, let us know! Hopefully, pricing and options will have been announced by then.

I hope the Beta that visits has a panoramic roof. Those of us in SoFla really need to determine whether it attenuates the Florida sun's heat/light enough to be practical.

Larry Chanin | 13 décembre 2011

"I hope the Beta that visits has a panoramic roof. Those of us in SoFla really need to determine whether it attenuates the Florida sun's heat/light enough to be practical."

Hi Soflauthor,

Won't that be difficult to determine in the confines of an air conditioned showroom? ;-)


Soflauthor | 13 décembre 2011

@Larry: I was hoping they might display it outside. In fact, there are a few merits to doing just that—accurate representation of paint color in natural light and the roof. Oh well ...

Charged_Up | 13 décembre 2011

I hear jan 26 through feb 5 but since date is not official it is subject to change until it's posted on website.

Brian H | 13 décembre 2011

They can't show it outside! That nasty Florida UV would roon the paint ...


stephen.kamichik | 13 décembre 2011

I hope the beta visits include our test drives.

Robert.Boston | 13 décembre 2011

Nope. The current betas cannot legally be driven except by Tesla employees.