Bicycle Rack

Bicycle Rack

This might be a stupid question, but I ride rode bike and would not like to put any rack that would touch the car paint or might lead to a potential scratch (from trying to put it in the roof). Is it possible to put a small trailer hitch just for the purpose of a bike carrier? That way, in no way I risk touching the car with the bike or the carrier.

ChristianG | 19 juin 2013

This one was talked about a while back, there are probably other ones but from the site it makes a good Impression. I'm from europe so I have no idea how they really are.

ian | 19 juin 2013

I hope you ride a road bike. If you ride a rode bike well then I guess you don't ride much anymore! ;-)

Yes, trying to beat the "grammar police" aka Brian H to the punch! Ha! :p

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Brian H | 19 juin 2013

;) Every bike is a rode bike, once you've ridden it once. Unless you've rid yourself of it, in which case its a rode ridden bike.

The above is deliberately confusing! "Rode" is the past tense of the verb "ride", only. Ridden is the past participle. "Road bike" is a non-mountain (non-off-road) bike, and has narrow tires. A racing road bike has VERY narrow tires.
English has too many words and not enough sounds to go around.

Velo1 | 19 juin 2013

I rode my road bike today. I have pano roof, which has the slots for a roof rack; however, I do not plan to get a rack. If I need to carry the bike I can simply drop the 60% back seat, lay down an old moving pad/blanket, remove the front wheel and the bike lays nicely on it's side, and there is plenty of room for the front wheel and a gear bag.

If I do not want to put the bike in Joules, then I use my ICE bike carrier, which is an Escalade. After all, that's what the Escalade is for these days. Since January I have purchased 1 tanks of gas for the bike carrier.

jnb | 19 juin 2013

I was at the tesla facility in Hawthorne the other day and talked to a tesla employee who was working on a roof rack for the pano cars. So we can expect a tesla branded rack soon.

MarkV | 19 juin 2013

To date, a trailer hitch of any type has been strictly not allowed by TESLA. Others have defied this and installed receiver type hitches anyway thereby voiding warranties. I have not heard of any associated problems. I ride both types of bicycles and simply put them on a pad in the back per VELO 1. If you can find one of the very first press releases for Model S, it showed a Model S being loaded with a flat screen television, a mountain bike, and a surfboard, the hatch closing, and the car driving off. A bicycle or even two in the back is easy peasy. Don't bother with the hitch.

CarlE_P439 | 20 juin 2013

I just installed a Yakima bike rack (Yakima Control Tower System + Viper bike rack) for my road bike (panaromic sunroof). Works well though at more than 30mph I can hear a low-pitched hum due to wind resistance but this is not a major problem.

bogartsdad | 20 juin 2013

The following message from

"There is a roof rack in development. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for the rack at this time."

Send them a note and get on their list.

dmsail | 20 juin 2013

I installed a Torklift Central trailer hitch last month and as far as I know it doesn't void any warranties. In fact Johnny at the Menlo Park service center wanted to see it since it was the first one that he had seen and the car was there for a warranty repair.

Yes, you can fit two bikes into the back cargo area when you fold down the rear seats but it gets to be a pain after a while. So I decided to install a trailer hitch and use a bike rack that doesn't touch the body of the car at all and is easily installed and removed.

portia | 20 juin 2013

If you don't have passengers, just put the backseats down, and the bike fits fine in the back.

drp | 20 juin 2013


Hope the rack doesn't impair your battery swapping! Lol