Big Problem With My New Model S

Big Problem With My New Model S

I received my car nearly two weeks ago, but only got to drive it a few times before I left town for 6 days. While I was gone, I ran into my first real problem with the car. My wife had been griping for the entire 9 months of waiting for the car that she wouldn't drive an electric car, that it was too big, too different, needed to be charged, barely fits in the garage, had to be raised to get into the driveway, etc. By the second day of my trip, she'd logged 300 miles, and another 100 miles a day since! Now she whines when she has to drive her car (which she loved until a week and a half ago). The problem with my Model S is that it makes driving other cars seem, well, a bit sad. She used to brag about how powerful, quiet, and roomy her car was. Now she says it's too small, lacks acceleration, and it's just sooooo loud she can barely hear her music. And why, she asks, doesn't her car have internet radio built in (and yes, I've showed her how to use Slacker through streaming from her phone, but she says that's too hard by comparison)??

Aside from the TPMS warnings (which I think have largely resolved themselves), the odd acceleration noise (which others have noted), and the low rumble/buffeting (already reduced by unscrewing the plastic thingies, just needs fine tuning), the car is pretty much perfect. I find that I don't mind traffic as much, and I even giggle from time to time (realizing that I could put in an online to-go order for PF Chang's while waiting to pick up a friend). I loved my previous car, but to be honest, when I got rid of it I was kind of relieved. I had already started feeling bad for utterly ignoring it once the Model S arrived! Now my wife's car (6 months old) is suffering the same fate. She keeps mentioning that she hopes we can afford a second Tesla by the time the Model X is ready...

rdalcanto | 10 mai 2013


ian | 10 mai 2013

Hahaha! That's great!

Yeah, I'm hoping to get my wife in one for a test drive too. I'm thinking (hoping?) it would have the same effect. ;-)

Thanks for sharing your problems with us!


RedShift | 10 mai 2013

Soon to come headline from Broder:

"Tesla buyer reports HUGE problems with his brand new Model S. Could this be the beginning of the end for Tesla?"

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

Be careful what you wish for.

riceuguy | 10 mai 2013

Yeah...I asked her to drive it a couple of times while I was gone so I could be confident if I took her car to leave at the airport next time I'm gone. Whoops.

trydesky | 10 mai 2013

good stuff!

My wife is yet to drive my MS for the 2 months I've had it. I keep saying you should drive it now, so in an emergency you'll feel comfortable with it. But, having read your post, maybe I'll just let let sleeping dogs lye.

Jewsh | 10 mai 2013

My wife and I have the same issue. She drives the ICE on most days but constantly whines that she'd rather get another EV. I'm all for it... once we're done paying for this one. ;-)

mrspaghetti | 10 mai 2013

I could see this being a problem for me once I get my car too. My wife has always hated driving, but she's never driven one of these babies...

Anthony H | 10 mai 2013

Same thing happened here; I get the S for the weekday commute, and she has custody each evening and all weekend. With this agreement, we not only stopped buying gas for my commute, but very nearly stopped for her SUV. It just doesn't get driven nearly as much any more.

And yes, we've looked into getting a second one, just for grins.

Jewsh | 10 mai 2013

We bought only one tank of gas last month. This month we don't have nearly as many obligations and hence will probably buy no gas. My wife really doesn't want to drive our little Accent anymore. (Who can blame her.)

Since we normally use our Air Miles card when we buy gas, "they" know we aren't consuming nearly as many dinosaurs anymore. They sent us coupons for Shell gas. Twice now.

svoelpel2 | 10 mai 2013

I solved this problem last weekend when I ordered my wife a Grey 60 to keep my Blue 85 company in the garage. We don't have either one yet but got my Blue VIN today with delivery in 4 weeks. Her Grey 60 should be here in mid-July. Anyone want the two year stock of synthetic oil and filters I have stored up. Just kidding - they are going to my daughter and son-in-law along with my ICE.

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

Tesla - ruining ICE drivers everywhere.

don.smith | 12 mai 2013

riceuguy, what "the odd acceleration noise" are you referring to?

splitsec002 | 12 mai 2013

I have the same problem, but it's with my MOM! I end up driving the truck all week long while she cruises around in the Tesla. And on the weekends I wash the car and get to take it out. Lol

cablue | 12 mai 2013

Too funny! I can relate. I'm one of those wives! I now have on order my 85 silver/black, ow gloss, tech, pano, air susp., sound to go along with our awesome 60 blk/blk, piano blk, tech, pano, air, soudn, supercharges. Mine should be in by the end of the month. There's just nothing like the Model S! Luckily, I was in the market to replace my X5 diesel. We were going to go with another BMW - even doing European delivery, which I've always wanted to do. Not anymore. Can't wait to get mine so I don't have to sheepishly ask for his car again and again!

hfcolvin | 12 mai 2013

My wife has driven mine once, liked it, but she's somewhat intimidated by it and refuses whenever I offer it up. Guess I should appreciate this and just stop offering!

AlMc | 12 mai 2013

Great thread! Thanks! My situation: My wife went along to 'humor me' for a test drive at the nearest center...two hours away in Washington, DC.....She drove it and insisted we leave a deposit for one.... Going to be interesting on the 'agreement' we make over who drives it and when.

deaton52 | 12 mai 2013


My wife now complains that I'm driving to work WAY more than I used to (which is true- used to take the bus, or drive the Jag!). She gets really bummed when she has to drive the Jag. This is indeed probably the biggest consumer complaint owners have after buying the Tesla Model S. We have 8000 miles on 'our' (God, I have learned the hard way that it is not 'my' Tesla) Model S Signature, and loving every mile!

bobinfla | 12 mai 2013

After a couple months where my wife only gave me custody of the S for one day per week, with liberal visitation on weekends, I had to break down and buy a used Roadster. I've noticed there's a lot more sharing going on now.

generubin | 12 mai 2013

Luckily for me, my wife drives not very far to work. She's says she'll be happy with a Leaf. So we'll be selling her Fit, getting a Leaf and oh yes, we are also getting a solar system from Solar City.

Captain_Zap | 12 mai 2013

We are going through our Sunday night Tesla custody negotiations right now.

It turns into a game of my trip trumps your trip.

riceuguy | 12 mai 2013

@don.smith, if I floor it, it sounds like behind the dash (left front) somebody is letting the air out of a balloon while pinching it...a weird whine/whistle I guess you could say. I only notice it when the radio and air are off, so if it is normal I don't really care. However, in case it is not normal, I will have it looked at on Wednesday!

Brian H | 12 mai 2013

Throw dice every Sunday night. That eliminates the temptation to lie, exaggerate and denigrate!

wheatcraft | 13 mai 2013

Similar problem here, although I don't really consider it a problem. My wife is not into cars, and it took some convincing to get her to agree to buying the Tesla. We picked it up at the factory on March 6, and the "house rule" is that whoever goes out first, "checks out" the Tesla. The only exception is that I get to take it on my business trips to Sacramento and San Francisco (we live in Reno). She loves to drive it, and frankly, I am glad about that.

GLO | 13 mai 2013

This post for those of us wives that have the Model S and now have to share with our hubbies. Mine thought he was pacifying me when he put the reservation in several years ago as an "anniversary" present. He used to call me obsessed (which I was until we got it). Now who's calling who "obsessed"??

Now, its suddenly better if it's his "company car" (depreciation and all you know...)and he needs to drive it on occasion to show off to his friends.

Sigh, I call him our late bloomer. I am hoping our stock can buy us a Model X or our marital "bliss" could get ugly...I'm just sayin'

Captain_Zap | 13 mai 2013

My Tesla was reserved on Valentine's Day.
Upgraded to Signature Red on our Anniversary.
It was finalized on my birthday and I took delivery a month before Christmas.

Best piece of Joulery I ever recieved. It goes with everything!

GlennGlenn | 13 mai 2013

What WAS her other car??

jonesxander | 13 mai 2013

I might have said this in another thread some time ago, but here goes.

My biggest single worst problem with the Model S, is that it's ruined my perception of all cars in general.

I live in OC, California, work in Newport, and there's no shortage of nice cars out here. You have your Bentleys, your Lambos, etc.

But now when I'm with friends and they spot a "nice" car, I just go, "'s nice...but it runs on gas!"

Damn you Tesla, I actually used to like the differences in different cars. The nuances, the engines, the loudness.

Now I only likey Model S.

Brian H | 13 mai 2013

Tesla, marriage-buster. Uh-oh.

Jewsh | 14 mai 2013

@ jonesxander:
"Damn you Tesla, I actually used to like the differences in different cars. The nuances, the engines, the loudness."

So true. I had some dude in a Lambo behind me on the 427 recently. He was a real "greaseball", too... probably some marketing exec type. He clearly had his eyes on our 'S but I kept thinking his Lambo just looked and sounded like a dinosaur.