Black vinyl bra for Model S

Black vinyl bra for Model S

Has anyone announced a black vinyl bra for the Model S front end? I would guess that those who didn't purchase the clear front end protection might like to use one for highway driving.

Carefree | 3 avril 2013

These things are sooooo ugly. Why would you want to put one of those on such a beautiful car. Spend the money and have the front wrapped with an invisible bra.

mpottinger | 3 avril 2013

Putting one of those things on MS should be a criminal act. Not only are they ugly, but sand and dirt inevitably work between the vinyl and the paint surface effectively turning the vinyl bra in to sandpaper. Go with clear.

biwamura | 3 avril 2013

Why would you want to disgrace that car with those ugly things I would rather wrap my S with duct tape than put one of those things on it. I have been using the clear protection since 2000 on all my cars and it is well workth it!!!!

Captain_Zap | 3 avril 2013

Oh, my. That rates right up there with duct tape for body repairs.

cgiGuy | 3 avril 2013

Does anyone know where I can get some of those back window louvers like I used to have on my 82 Trans-Am? My car will be blue, but I'm thinking chrome louvers to match the rest of the trim.

DouglasR | 3 avril 2013

I was looking for some fuzzy dice.

July10Models | 3 avril 2013

Curb feelers

akikiki | 3 avril 2013

Whose going to put twin exhuast chrome tips on the back of their?

rlarno | 4 avril 2013

@akikiki ;-)

I was thinking that some time ago, when will we see the first picture of a MS looking like a petrol car, big air intake, chrome exhausts, big spoiler, etc. Btw most of these items will then actually kill your performance and range, with the heavy battery pack and flat floor there is plenty of downforce, no need for a spoiler.

gpsilberman | 4 avril 2013

What about an aftermarket bud vase? I just sold my Beetle and moved the Orange Silk Sunflower to the passenger cup holder. It looks lovely there but I would really like a bud vase.

dborn | 4 avril 2013

How about an orange on the aerial? We used to get orange juice in a plastic orange shaped container, recycled into a " decoration" for the tip of the aerial!

sandman | 4 avril 2013

My God! No mercy whatsoever!

I agree though, get a vinyl wrap instead of a bra. It's not that much more and it will actually protect your vehicle instead of vibrate against it at high speeds.

HansJ | 4 avril 2013

These might go well with the bra.

Tinpandave | 3 septembre 2015

you all must not live in Florida the bra looks a hell of a lot better then black love bugs, and you never leave one on in the rain only for highway use in love bug season

Simply Red | 3 septembre 2015

As a child of the 60's bra's were burning. Have they made a comeback. Model S's prefer to be free and easy, free and easy!

Amped | 3 septembre 2015

Revoke his man card.

1LuckyGuy | 3 septembre 2015

Is it 1988 again?

Simply Red | 3 septembre 2015

@ 1LuckyGuy

Maybe not 1988 but we are now commenting on a thread that's over two years old! I wonder if SJenkins ever snapped that Tesla bra.