CANADIAN Signature S available to preorder :)

CANADIAN Signature S available to preorder :)

I just upgraded to the Signature edition Model S. :)

Spoke to a very sweet Tesla Rep and she took care of everything. She also mentioned that the North American signature queue will be combined with Canada and a new queue be up soon.

The pricing will be comparable to a fully loaded 5 series.

Douglas3 | 10 mars 2011

Me too.

MIDI 1066 | 10 mars 2011

Just upgraded my Canadian Reservation #64 to Signature edition

pdayson vancouver

Nicu | 10 mars 2011

you happy campers :)

t7n7 | 10 mars 2011

correction, STATES will have 1000 signature editions and Canada will have 200. After talking to Tesla again, they mentioned that, they will make some sort of exception to squeeze the 200 Canadian signature Model S's in instead of having us wait until the first 1000 is complete.

Even if there was a wait, the rep told me that it would only have a 2-3 month delay...

I'm soo excited!

Douglas3 | 10 mars 2011

Now the race is on... who will get the Canadian #1?

t7n7 | 10 mars 2011

I know! lol.. I asked them if I could be #1... but she said, there was no way of that being possible considering the type of options selected *color. rims etc.* and when they will be available.

Vawlkus | 11 mars 2011

Wish I could get in on this, but I won't have the financing in place until 2013 at abslout earliest (probably late that year)

Dammit, I wanna test drive #1 :p

Brian H | 11 mars 2011

Buy tickets for El Gordo?

Straight Shooter | 19 mars 2011

I still have not heard back yet from Tesla with my Signature Upgrade # for Canada, but I get this from Angie Muscat at Tesla:

"Sorry for the delay, we are working on our backend systems so we can re-sequence.

We sent the notification a bit too early. Rest assured the delay will not affect your reservation sequence number."

I replied back almost immediately on Mar 10th the day I got the E-Mail from Tesla. I'm sure lots of other folks did too, from the sounds of it.

Douglas3 | 19 mars 2011

Yeah, I replied back within 15 minutes of getting the message. Most of that delay is simply because I wasn't at my desk. I decided to say yes half-way through reading it! I took an extra minute to review the details and then hit Reply.

I have another theory about the delay. If they're going to be fair about allocating slots, they probably want to wait until the deadline for committing to the Signature has passed. Then everyone can be assigned according to their original priority order. Otherwise if R1 waits until the last second to decide he could end up with S100...

Straight Shooter | 23 mars 2011

I'm sure the rest of your guys will be getting your confirmation E-Mail soon. I just got mine at 7:30pm EST from Dan Myggen at Telsa.

I am # 55 for a Canadian Signature.

I'm very happy about that.

Douglas3 | 23 mars 2011

I got mine this afternoon. Went from Canadian R10 to S10. It's looking likely that ALL of the R owners switched; there might not be any left!

cablechewer | 23 mars 2011

I switched, but I don't have a new sequence number yet. Hopefully they don't scare me too badly with the final price + HST :)

Tim10 | 23 mars 2011

Straight Shooter what was your P series number before you upgraded?

mnx | 24 mars 2011

Got my sequence # last night as well, went from P43 to S30. Can't wait until fall? next year.

Straight Shooter | 24 mars 2011

Tim10, as you are seeing from other posters, there is a decline rate for "P" sequence holders. Mine was P91, now I'm S55. Part of me was hoping I would be in the top 10 (yeah I secretly wanted to be # 1 too), but then again I want this to be a success for Tesla, so I'm hoping a big chunk of people do upgrade. I know Tesla sure needs the extra $35k three months earlier.

As my number indicates, about 50% of "P" holders are taking the upgrade so far. This is not surpring when you look at the commitment levels and the sliding scale of them. You saw above that P10 was also S10 and that didn't surprise me a bit. These super early registers are ultra committed so 100% compliance was expected for the first set of 10-20 anyway. As the "P" number climbs, that upgrade rate drops off as the "uber" committed people become more rare. Why?

We all know that the $77k Signature will be $90k by the time we folks are done decking it out with every imaginable option. Slap on 13% and we will be paying at least $102k. We'll get back $8500 from the province, but it will take 3-6mths to get it, most likely.

So it is not hard to see why it is difficult to commit to a $100k car. It is certainly not the "$49k car" that is being advertised in the USA. I hope that Tesla finds a way to make these price points more attractive. I don't want to see them fail, as their product is solid, not to mention that they are forcing auto makers to pick up the pace and quality (Nissan just announced that the 2 EV cars immediately after the Leaf will be luxury sedans from their Infinity line, and that is a direct attack on Telsa, the company Nissan loves to bash).

I will proudly be driving my $100k luxury electric car that replaces my current gas car 100%. I didn't make a single compromise in quality, style, options, performance or range. Yes, I paid big cash for it, but I can live with that.

We Tesla owners are not "making a statement", we are buying the only fully functioning electric car on the market. Ooh-rah!

Douglas3 | 24 mars 2011

"We'll get back $8500 from the province, but it will take 3-6mths to get it, most likely."

That's not how it works. I got the rebate when I bought my Roadster. Tesla takes the rebate it off the bottom line price and gets refunded directly by the province.

Straight Shooter | 24 mars 2011

I talked to the girl at the Toronto store and she told me buyers had to apply for it and Telsa was not collecting it for the government. She sadi Telsa was trying to remove itself from the process. That was 2mths ago, so maybe they have changed their business process, hopefully. i'm not really worriedit about and I hope you are right too. I'll start getting serious about in in Jan/12 or Feb/12.

I totally agree with you too, it makes no sense to me to pay it and then claim/get it back at a later date. Tesla should just bill the government for $8500 the same time they will be billing me for the remainder. They can do this the day they drive the car off the transport truck in Toronto.

Douglas3 | 24 mars 2011

That's too bad, but not necessarily surprising. Probably they've had a bad experience dealing with the Ontario government. I know it got off to a rocky start because they sent me the rebate check instead of Tesla. To be fair it was the very first rebate they ever processed, but I'm sure there's lots of other creative ways to screw it up.

Brian H | 24 mars 2011

Did you cash it?
BTW, it's "cheque" here in Canada.

Douglas3 | 24 mars 2011

I'm writing for Americans. ;-) No, I sent it back.

Tim10 | 24 mars 2011

Maybe a sily question but since the Toronto store is currently the only store in Canada, will every Model S buyer have to pay Ontario HST? Although we have no rebate crrently in Alberta, we only have to pay GST.

Straight Shooter | 25 mars 2011

Tim10.....If you are Canadian and you purchase any good in any province, you are required to pay the taxes in that province. The only exception is Status Indians, but you'll need your ID card and I STRONGLY sugggest you make arrangement months in advance so that no one is shocked that you are avoiding paying approx $12k in taxes.

Contact the Alberta govermnet and see if you can apply for a refund on the PST (8%) of the purchase. I know Americans can apply to get their tax back on Canadian purchases, so maybe there is some provision burried deep somewhere. You have 15mths to find it, which is the good news.

Tim10 | 25 mars 2011

Straight Shooter, thanks for the feedback.

It is what I expected but since I have never purchased anything major outside of Alberta so was unsure.

Tesla I think its time to consider a location in Alberta ;-)

Douglas3 | 25 mars 2011

No, that's not how it works.

If they ship it to Alberta, then they only charge you the GST.

If they ship to a province with harmonized HST, then they charge the HST rate for that province.

If they ship to a province with non-harmonized taxes, such as Quebec, then they charge only the GST. You are supposed to self-assess and pay the Quebec government the tax due yourself. That tends to not happen a lot for some reason...

Tim10 | 26 mars 2011

Thanks Douglas3, that would certainly make a big difference. Wonder if next day 8am shipping will be offered :-p

MIDI 1066 | 26 mars 2011

Just received confirmation of my upgrade to S series Reservation number went from 64 to 38