Canadian Winter

Canadian Winter

I have seen many people discussing about the falcon doors with snow on the roof possible issues, but getting snow on the roof also means driving in cold to very cold temperatures...

I personally leave in Montreal and while I am happy to see a SUV-like electric car, I can't help but wonder how bad/well the car would perform in extreme weather conditions (-10 to -30 celsius) we all know temperature drop influences batteries autonomy (like your cellphone dying when skiing) I guess the car would face similar issues.

I have seen a few Tesla S model around here but mostly in summer, so is there any real life tests being performed out there to see if it is actually imaginable to drive a Model S / X during a cold winter or if you would spend your time charging the car (without any "supercharger" in the region) and / or worse at the garage, fixing the car after a full failure ?

Anyway Tesla is definitly a great push toward great Electric cars, maybe it is just to early for cold weather regions ?

jjs | 12 juin 2014

OP There are MANY threads regarding how the Roadster and the S perform in cold, very cold, conditions. It performs great. Norway's number one selling car is the Tesla Model S. I think that speaks more eloquently than anyone/thing regarding it's suitability for cold climes.

Tâm | 12 juin 2014

Alaskans have been driving the Model S in subzero temperature with no problems.

Norway's Bjørn Nyland who's quite famous for taping his winter driving experience:

Arne Jakobsen drives in subzero condition and you can see ice, snow, sleets on the road.

And didn't you see the professor and his daughter who braved the -22F temperature to be the first Coast-to-Coast by Supercharger-Only drivers?

And didn't you see Tesla team drove from the hot desert sand storm in the West to the deep -4F winter vortex of the East in 3 days flawlessly while its gasoline support van could not keep up and broke down?

jjs | 12 juin 2014

+1 TAM Nice compilation!

Red Sage ca us | 13 juin 2014

Here is one of the more fun wintry tests:

Autofil Magazine - Tesla Model S Cold Weather Range Test Norway ENGLISH SUB (7:14)

This one tests performance in snow on hills:

HighTechJoe - Tesla Model S P85+ Snow Performance (4:02)

And this one is a formal teaching session on ice & snow in Ontario Canada:

Wheels-dot-ca - Tesla Model S on Ice (10:29)

DeletePlease | 14 juin 2014

Thanks for this nice videos. They show that the snow ability is very good. But exactly for the uphill driving an allwheeldrive is even better, i think Model X will be just perfect on snow. Im driving quattro for a long time and the reason i took the punishmenet of waiting to long to own a Tesla, is the missing AWD in Model S. I did my reservation on Model X.

Sure its (Model S) snow performance is better then the most RWD on the market, but uphill? It will never be like AWD.

Just Look at HighTEchJoes Video i think he got in trouble by stopping the car at 2:57 and is cheating by cutting the Video.


Orthopod | 15 juin 2014

lol @ Tam

Obviously you never traveled to Quebec during February. when you drive around Lac St-Jean you reach temperature around -40 degrees Farenheit.

We're not talking about hot -2 or warm -22. Up there not even in the far North you can regurlary see temperature around -40. Not to say that if you travel to LaSarre in Abitibi you can reach -60 with the Wind.

These are far from the conditions Tesla has been tested.

We live North of the Wall.

Tâm | 15 juin 2014


You are right that I only watch videos and have no idea of subzero conditions in person because I live in Los Angeles area where people would complain of being too cold at 40F and traffic accident nightmare with rain (not snow or ice.)

However, Norwegians and Alaskans have been doing fine with Model S so far.

But I agree, it will be a challenge for Tesla to survive in a -60F winter.

My guess is as long as you plug in and pre-warm before you drive and you take into account of reduced range, then you should be fine.

holidayday | 16 juin 2014

"it will be a challenge for Tesla to survive in a -60F winter"

It's a challenge for almost any car.

Most cars at that temperature need to stay running and/or plugged in at night anyway. Their engines just cannot handle the cold start at that temperature.

EVolution, what do you currently drive, and what do you currently do to keep it running in those cold temperatures?