Care of Tan Leather Seats

Care of Tan Leather Seats

I have an 85 with tan leather seats and was curious if anyone has:

1) Applied any product to protect them from spills?
2) Used a product after a spill to clean the leather?
3) Used a product to condition the leather, including the dash and door coverings.

I live in Colorado and the UV is intense at 8,500 feet where I live. I covered my old E320 4Matic sedan with sheep skins but I can and will not ruin the inside lines of this beautiful interior.

Any suggestions fellow owners?

Rod in Evergreen

cgiGuy | 3 avril 2013

I'm interested in this, as well. I have 3 kids (ages 7-13) and although there will be a strict "no juice" policy, stuff happens (like the dog that got car sick last weekend). | 3 avril 2013

For "3) Used a product to condition the leather, including the dash and door coverings."

The dash and door coverings are a high-quality plastic, and a leather conditioner would not be appropriate for these surfaces. I'd avoid any kind of plastic "preservatives" such as Armor All, that add an ugly layer of shiny oil, that's almost impossible to get off once applied.

With other cars, I've usually just wipe the leather with a damp cloth. So far I've avoided any spills, but leather seems to repel liquids reasonably well, and if you clean it up quickly, should be good. If you have the perforated leather (signature only?), I'd worry that an liquids with any color like grape juice will quickly stain if it gets into the perforations.

PaceyWhitter | 3 avril 2013

The owners manual specifically recommends against using commercial leather treatement.

There is a thread with some rcommondations on the other site:

citroNord | 3 avril 2013

My now deceased dad used to sell leather for a living. He always told me: "Son, leather is skin, and when you want to clean skin, simply use... soap!", preferably natural soap, w/o perfume or other chemicals. Easy to find, even at the supermarket.

I had many cars with leather interior (and furniture in my house...) and it works just fine, as per Frank2, with damp cloth.