Carrying a Bike (and a Search Question)

Carrying a Bike (and a Search Question)

Utility is one of the big attractions on the S but it seems like the need to conveniently carry a bike externally has been underestimated or overlooked. Sure there's room inside if you fold the back seat, but I'd like to be able to carry the bike and people/other stuff.

To carry a bike, I would typically either use a light hitch to install my rear bike carrier or I'd use a roof-mounted rack (with my small SUV for instance).

On the Tesla, I've been told there is no provision for even a lightweight hitch (I recall a string here that Europeans are even more bothered by this), so no rear rack.

Now we've also been told that roof mounting points are ONLY included if you get the pano-roof. Seems like designing in attachment points that sit slightly outboard and would be part of the metal above the doors with either roof would have been just as easy - and then solid roof cars would have the roof-rack option.

So if I get the car with the solid roof as planned, there's no way to carry a bike externally? Really? I'm hoping someone has thought of something I'm missing. Or that Tesla will find a way to tweak the car, though I know at this point that's probably a long-shot.

I'm in Texas so I'm concerned about how much I'll like an all-glass roof from May-September (not a great feature on other cars I've been in).

Finally - are the forums searchable as on other sites?

Volker.Berlin | 29 août 2012

Re: Bike racks

Summary: As of today, the situation is exactly as you state in your post. However, details still keep changing (see, e.g., Punch List), so I wouldn't give up hope just yet.

Re: Pano roof

Summary: It may work even for Texas.

Re: Search

jerry3 | 29 août 2012

Here is one hitch soon to be made:

Teoatawki | 29 août 2012

I wish I still had any hope of getting my car before Oct 15. Of course, the way things are going, they may need to extend the deadline.

nickjhowe | 30 août 2012

@jerry3 - thanks for the link. Will be interesting to see if anyone is willing to use their Model S as the template vehicle, and if they can squeeze all the mounting gear behind the rear fender. I'd definitely be interested in this solution, but not if I have to drive my car from Florida to Washington!

dbbtex | 30 août 2012

Thanks all. Two potentially good options I wasn't aware of.

CURT MFG | 30 août 2012

CURT Manufacturing is a trailer hitch manufacturer. We have a Roadster on our lift as we speak. We also make bike and cargo carriers.

Keep checking at

We should have a hitch soon.

electricblue0303 | 31 août 2012

Here's a possibility for no lift or rack required - a fold-up bike that fits neatly in the frunk. I'm looking into one of these when I get my Model S.

Torklift Central | 5 septembre 2012

Torklift Central has already finished the Roadster hitch.

It is engineered and manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum,steel, and stainless steel fasteners. it is completely 100% no drill, and leaves your vehicle with the factory look, without compromising aerodynamics.

Lifetime Guarantee. Manufactured right here in the USA. By a 100% USA company.

Click here to view more details.

We are working closely with a couple Model S customers to bring their vehicles in for the Model S hitch.

Stay tuned.

Any questions? Email us .

Alex K | 5 septembre 2012

@Torklift Central | SEPTEMBER 5, 2012: We are working closely with a couple Model S customers to bring their vehicles in for the Model S hitch.

It would be nice to be able to have the hitch hidden when not in use. I installed a hitch on my Prius many years ago and found that the hitch looked allot like a tailpipe.

Torklift Central | 5 septembre 2012

@Alex K. We make all of our ecohitches hidden.

When are you planning on receiving your model S?


Alex K | 6 septembre 2012

@Torklift Central | SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 : @Alex K. We make all of our ecohitches hidden. When are you planning on receiving your model S?

My production number is P#8766 so I probably won't see it until March/April/May next year. I guess what I would like to see is some kind of cap/panel that would slip on and make the back appear flush.

Torklift Central | 28 octobre 2012

Great News! We launched the Model S contest back in August of this year. We have reached the milestone and the first ever Tesla Model S Ecohitch has been born! The units are available for pre-order starting Tuesday, October 30th. The units weigh only 29 lbs on the vehicle. They are 100% no drill and 100% stealth/invisible when not in use. We are so excited to bring to you the Model S hitch. It truly is an amazing revolutionary trailer hitch for the worlds most revolutionary electric vehicle.

Stay tuned!

Starting on Tuesday the 30th, for more information please visit for the pre-order information.

Torklift Central

nickjhowe | 28 octobre 2012

@Torklift - great news!! We've already seen the pictures. Very nice install. Now if only I could get that done in South Florida....are you going to license the product to other shops?

Torklift Central | 28 octobre 2012

@nickjhowe Yes! They will be available for pre-order on Tuesday. We will ship them with complete instructions etc for self install/professional installation.

nickjhowe | 28 octobre 2012

Cool!! Kudos to you guys.