Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee

I am 40 years old and ALWAYS wanted a head turning car. I grew up with Magnum PI on TV and because of that, I always loved exotics. I have a 1992 Acura NSX and have been to my local cars and coffee and always had lookers just because its an awesome low mileage example car. For the last 2 weeks I have been back to cars and coffee and have arrived a little late. You can see all the heads that turn as soon as I pull into a space. It seems that half of the people that were there came directly over to the car and gawked at it. I invited anyone to sit in it and play with the touch screen and check out the car. I love talking about it and informing those who know about the car about how much I love it and those that dont know about the car how important it is. My license plate says "GASFREE" so I also get looks while driving. People would speed up and glance adn then slow down and look more.

I live in Charleston, SC and I took my daughters to lunch on King Street which is a very touristy and local thoughfare. The sidewalks were packed and I happend to get a spot right in front of the restaurant. (LUCKY) Then we sat in the window to have lunch and you could not imagine how many people stopped and looked in the car and took pictures and walked around the car. It was extremely amusing to my 9 and 10 year old daughters. They were taking pictures of the people gawking at the cars so they could show their friends. I love having daughters that think I am cool and have the coolest car on the planet.

Brian H | 11 février 2013

The ultimate accolade!

Jewsh | 11 février 2013

Glad you are enjoying the car! I'm worried someone will bother the car when I am not around... hopefully not though!

jfeldman72 | 11 février 2013

Love this car

GLO | 11 février 2013

I have had people take pictures of my car while parked at my office without me around. I now have "watchers" with windows facing the parking area giving me updates. With Iphone app. I just honk for them and it scares them off! LOL! Love this car.

Brian H | 11 février 2013

Do you ever treat them to a "lights" show? With honk-effects? >:p

Robert22 | 11 février 2013

Try popping the sunroof via app, that really confuses them.

jfeldman72 | 12 février 2013

Yes, i have done that. Pretty funny reactions.

jfeldman72 | 14 février 2013

Anyone else with a good story?

MandL | 14 février 2013

Before the app came I had a habit of using the fob to present and retract the handles or open and close the trunk when I saw a gawker. I'm glad I can now use the app to startle them without risking giving them access to the inside of the car!

Brian H | 14 février 2013

"Startling gawkers". The new Tesla sport!