Caution for the absentminded

Caution for the absentminded

I used a public charging station with the J1772 adapter for the first time yesterday. It worked great, charging at 30A. When I came back I unplugged the cable and put it back in its cradle. Only when I was just about ready to drive away did I remember the adapter, which I had left connected to the J1772 plug. That would have been a $100 mistake, and I think it's an easy one to make, particularly early on, when we're not quite so familiar with what all these new things are supposed to look like. I now put a sticker with my phone number on the adapter, just in case next time I totally flake.

Mark Z | 21 février 2013

Imagine the frustration if a new Leaf owner tried to use the charger with your adapter. They might wonder why it didn't fit!

I use the adapter with a ChargePoint at home, so remembering to take it along on a longer drive is my concern. Missed charging opportunities after leaving it on the handle at home.

Brian H | 21 février 2013

You need a "Departure Checklist"!

jjaeger | 21 février 2013

Guess i am well trained from our ChargePoints at work - where their cradle will only accept the original connector (leaving the adapter on won't allow it to be plugged back in).

So the routine is to pull both out with one motion, disconnect the J1772 adapter from the cable, swipe to charging point door closed and return the cable to the holster. When i get back in the car, i now automatically locate the adapter back to its storage location. Took a few days to get this down - but was more apt to leave the charger door open than anything else.

Thumper | 21 février 2013

I practiced using commercial chargers this week for the first time. The car absolutely would not let me remove the adapter with the J1772 cord attached. I could only get loose by removing the J1772 cord first and then the adapter from the car. I think this behavior is different from what others have recommended, that is to remove the cord with the adapter attached and then remove the adapter from the cord. I tried hard but the car would not allow.

Robert22 | 21 février 2013


May I ask where you store the adapter? It's cumbersome to pull out the adaptor bag in the trunk to retrieve and replace the adapter. Have you found a convenient secure storage area in the front of the vehicle?

rbergquist | 21 février 2013

Store J1172 in left side of glove compartment.

Robert22 | 21 février 2013


It's a bit of a mystery to me too. It has something to do with the timing after the car senses the fob as you approach the charging port. If I walk up to the car, push the button on the charging gun, and withdraw it in one smooth motion (within 15 seconds of the handles extending) I get charging handle and adapter together. If I wait longer than 15 seconds, or perhaps until the handles retract, the charge port locking mechanism reactuates trapping the adapter. Extending the door handles via fob click then unlocks the port and allows for removal of the adapter.

hfcolvin | 21 février 2013

Sounds like something for the next software update. On getting back in the car a "Got your adapter?" message on the screen would be nice.

jjaeger | 22 février 2013

Robert22 - first the first month or so, i used the passenger cup holder. Functional but did not care for the aesthetics. On another thread here (or maybe TMC) there were a couple of folks who picked up a Michael's Tote for $14. Small black with several compartments for things. it fits near perfect under the cubby and is barely noticeable essentially blending in (note: i removed the center handle section as others have also commented on). The way I oriented it, there is a small pouch on the front facing side that fits the small end of the adapter just right. So now is easy to get to and put back and eliminates the unsightly cup holder option.

And a bit off topic, like a few others have expressed, with this small additional storage space under the cubby, the open, simple interior has now grown on me. Don't think I want/need either the CCI or potential future console from TM.

Vawlkus | 23 février 2013

Ya know, reading about this makes me think about the youtube car videos I've seen where someone is driving their ICE home quite merrily....... with the hose from a gas pump flapping it's broken hose along the ground behind them -.-

Robert22 | 23 février 2013


Sounds simple and effective. Thanks.