Cell Phone Mount?

Cell Phone Mount?

I am loving my Model S here in Rhode Island but still occasionally need to access iPhone apps while driving. I have looked on-line for a an available mount but haven't been able to find one. I've been using ProClip iPhone mounts for years and really like their quality. They are ready to make one for Model S but cannot find a Model S in Madison, Wisconsin or nearby from which to make the measurements to create a mount. If someone is nearby and interested in doing a service for the community, and perhaps themselves, please email Steve at ProClip to set something up. His email is:

I'm also open to other owners' solutions for this problem.


jaycweber | 7 mars 2013

I use and it works well. There is this lovely dashboard accent upper-right of the steering wheel that is perfect for the suction cup and positions my iPhone4S for easy viewing and touching.

dsecrist | 7 mars 2013

I contacted ProClip as well and got the same response. Their products are great! I love the mount and phone holder from them in my Yukon, and I really hope they can develop something soon for the Model S. So, I second your request, Beavertail S. I hope someone near Madison sees this request and is willing to help.

JZ13 | 7 mars 2013

I use the passenger cup holder.

nickjhowe | 7 mars 2013

There was a KickStarter project back in Aug 11 for an 'Orbit' swiveling mount for iPhones etc. They are (finally!) getting close to actually shipping a product:

Brian H | 7 mars 2013

Tried to suggest they revise their right-column contribution rewards to reflect the doubling of price to $30, but can't get past a blank login page.

Very neat design.

kyleket | 7 mars 2013

I'm in Madison! Don't have mine yet. Having to defer production until I'm home from Madrid at the end of April. There is at least one other in town - saw a news story about her 3 or 4 months back. I'd help if I had my S, but it'll have to wait.

If you still need help come May, email me.

jukevargo | 7 mars 2013

It would be great if the LCD could implement "air play", then I could mirror my iPhone or iPad to the LCD.

sagebrushnw | 8 mars 2013

Have seen this advertised on TV and looks interesting for a cell phone mount:|af|mg&a_aid=4c26497b49aaa&a_bid=f731b399&data1=

Not very expensive. Might be worth a try.

sagebrushnw | 8 mars 2013

Try again...|af|mg&a_aid=4c26497b49aaa&a_bid=f731b399&data1=

Brian H | 9 mars 2013

"Take your phone and stick it!"

Beavertail S | 9 mars 2013

Thanks for the constructive comments, especially kyleket's generous offer. I'll keep monitoring this to see if another Badger jumps in. In the meantime, ProClip does make a suction mount, so I may order one to use until they make a vent mount available.

kyleket | 9 mars 2013

No sweat. Glad to help. Didn't even know they were in Madtown. Am counting the weeks til I'm home. Here's hoping my S doesn't beat me there!!!