Centralia WA Supercharging Station, active?

Centralia WA Supercharging Station, active?

They look great. I will stop by tomorrow 7/18 and see if they are hot. Last I heard they were still inactive. Anyone been by in the last couple days?

ian | 17 juillet 2013

Rumor has it they passed the electrical inspection today and will be announced as active tomorrow at the ribbon cutting for the Burlington supercharger station.

At least that's what I just read in the Washington Region forum ;-)


ENGINEER | 17 juillet 2013

Sounds like 1st NW SuperCharger to be added to the grid. Way to go Tesla! They still got many more to put up before they make it to 27 by the end of the summer, but it's on the way. I'm hoping that the El Centro one is up within a month, I'd love to see it firsthand!