Change to air suspension to speed up delivery?

Change to air suspension to speed up delivery?

I have a 60 kwh std suspension on order and have something like 123xx reservation number. Estimated delivery time? ' early 2013' . Actual, probably some time in June I think.

Now, I have tesla re-opening my config on Monday by my request. O change from lacewood to gloss obeche, coz I realized to my shock that lacewood is non glossy today in the Tesla store)

However, an additional idea entered my mind: if I were to change to air suspension now, how much sooner will I be able to get the car? ( I did not initially opt for air coz I felt they could be less reliable, but I am warming up to them now)

GeekEV | 2 février 2013

I also had a 60 with early 2013 delivery, but changed to air suspension at Tesla's urging - I guess it really makes a difference in ride, especially with the 21" wheels. They told me it would also speed things up 6-10 weeks. The revised paperwork now says Feb/Mar!

riceuguy | 2 février 2013

Ditto...just changed to air as well (officially probably not till my DS is back on Monday) to speed things up a lot.

trydesky | 2 février 2013

I didn't change my actual paperwork, but I was trying to keep expenses down and was not going to get the air. However, when the 60s were pushed back, I decided I didn't want to wait any I ponied up the extra $$.

gary.greene | 2 février 2013

Same here. Was told when I configured in Nov. that air suspension would speed up delivery from late spring to Feb-March. My delivery window is now 2/16-3/2 for my 60 kwh.

riceuguy | 2 février 2013

Well, this has worked out great for me...I really needed to delay my delivery till at least mid March, but before May, and this should make that work out perfectly for me...

bsimoes | 3 février 2013

I wanted to add back in the twin chargers, but even though they haven't started to build the car or assign a VIN, I was told that it was too late. I had one delivery specialist for a week who was extremely helpful; when I called back a day later, I had been switched to another person who was not. I want Julie back! She seemed to want to make it a pleasant experience. The new guy just doesn't want to put any effort in on anything. He was going to be calling me back about something...never did. Now, with the windshield issues, I'm getting really nervous. Without a service station nearby or superchargers on the three hour drive to get to it, I need to know that someone has my back, and I have to say that I'm not sensing that. If anything, it's as if they are leaving unsaid, "Sucka."
My question is how were you all able to change your order?

Carefree | 3 février 2013

For many the experience has been that once you finalize your order you can no longer change the configuration - even for very minor things. I tried to get them to leave the spoiler off my P85 - loooong before the car ever went into production (I still have no VIN) and the answer was "NO" too late. Better get your final configuration right the first time.

bsimoes | 3 février 2013

Yeah, seems a little ridiculous from a company trying to sell a superior buying experience....

RedShift | 3 février 2013

I am sorry to hear about others who could not change their config. I will wait to see on Monday what they will say about mine.

I did a quick research online, and found that the cost of replacement for a single air shock is around 1000$ to 1500$. A bit steep. However, my concern is mostly the perceived lack of feedback vs a standard suspension, ( I don't have anything to back me up other than my gut instinct) and the fact that it adds weight ( motors driving the shocks will most likely make this heavier than standard suspension?)

Decisions, decisions....

Superliner | 3 février 2013

@ RedShift

Typically Air suspension Struts are lighter in weight than their conventional counterparts because of the absence of the weight of the "metallic" coil spring.

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 février 2013

Plenty of feedback with air suspension. It is still very tight and sporting. The ability to raise and lower the car is alone worth it for me. Seems a waste to buy this great car without one of its best features...

We took delivery yesterday and noticed that there is a pretty high step-over on the door sills. This is especially true exiting the rear seats. The air suspension makes it easier to get in and out because the car squats down an inch to make it easier. This feature is NOT available with the standard coil springs.

cotegang | 3 février 2013

I finalized an S85 with standard suspension in mid-Jan and was given a Mar-Apr delivery window. Don't know if the 85 vs 60 makes a difference but thought the info would help.

gregv64 | 3 février 2013

@ bsimoes: You say they haven't started to build the car or assign a VIN, but it sounds like you have a delivery window already? If so, that's definitely too late. Even if they haven't told you the VIN yet, they may have started or be about to start your car. The people changing configs weren't going to be getting their cars for months.

Brian H | 3 février 2013

I was under the impression that because a 2nd charger is an addable item, it wasn't as strictly "locked out" as other changes. Ask to speak to a supervisor.

bsimoes | 3 février 2013

Thanks everyone; I definitely will call again tomorrow, because although my original window was for early March, I asked for it to be held for as long as possible, and they said that they could hold back the car for another month. Then, when I spoke to Julia, my delivery specialist for a day, she said that she would see if they could put it off even longer because of my situation with the electric company moving telephone poles around! After speaking to her supervisor, they thought that it was possible to put it off until at least the end of April. The next day, when I called, I had been reassigned to a different and much less accomodating regional Delivery Specialist. It would seem that if they are selling the buying experience, they would want to please the customer more. I clearly stated that I was willing to pay for any or all of it, but I just couldn't take possession of the car because until the electric situation is settled, I have no way to charge the car. And so the saga continues....

RedShift | 5 février 2013

Just talked to someone from Tesla HQ. They changed my config to air susp from std and glossy obeche instead of lacewood.

This will speed up delivery by 4 weeks to late march.

Expecting to sign the new MVPA soon.