I have an idea that would charge any EV for free... I do not have a patent on it yet.. I want to work for Tesla., So, where do I begin.? Thanks DHM

DTsea | 24 mai 2015

Not here. This is owners and enthusiasts forum.

And if your idea is 'connect generator/alternator to front wheels to charge while you drive' don't bother.

vperl | 24 mai 2015

Another 13 year old.

Brian H | 24 mai 2015

The line to the loony bin forms to the right. Mostly occupied by inventors of free charging systems.

kglad | 24 mai 2015

what's your idea?

we won't tell anyone. this is a secret forum.

ezoom | 2 juillet 2020

Anyone have the full battery mileage range drop 17% overnight, on a new Model Y? 788 miles on odometer. | 2 juillet 2020

@jrosenberger - Hard to say without more details. Is this drop when parked and not connected to power? Over how many hours? What was the range loss over this time?

It is likely normal if you have all the options turned on that use power all the time. For example, the Sentry mode feature, which has the cameras recording, consumes about 1 mile per hour of power. There are other options like overheat protection that can consume a lot of power if the car gets quite hot. Summon standby also uses quite a bit of power. Turn all these features off and then see what the loss is. A few miles loss would be normal overnight.

hgmichna | 4 juillet 2020 wrote: "For example, the Sentry mode feature, which has the cameras recording, consumes about 1 mile per hour of power."

Are you sure? That's almost 10% per 24 hours on an SR+, for example. I thought it was more like 2% every 24 hours.

EVRider | 4 juillet 2020

Yes, Sentry Mode drains at least 1 mile per hour. | 4 juillet 2020

@hgmichna - Yep as EVRider points out. The AP processor takes about 250 watts of power. With Sentry mode it must remain on to process the cameras and detect movement that trips Sentry mode.

So if you average 250 W/mi, Sentry mode consumes about 1 mile of range per hour. Use the option to automatically turn off Sentry mode at home is a good idea for most.

10esseetony | 7 juillet 2020

The upcoming Roadster and all 3 models of the CyberTruck will likely have enormous battery packs. Has anyone heard anything about the output of the internal chargers? The current Gen3 wall charger seems to be a step in the wrong direction, with it's limited 48 Amp output.

I am tempted to purchase a Gen2 Wall Charger for its much higher charge rate (CyberTruck), but if the internal charger(s) is limited to the current 48 Amps there is not much point (other than the longer cable). | 7 juillet 2020

@10esseetony - Not sure there is a need. Most owners can charge at home for at least 10 hours. At 48A * 240VAC = 11.5 kW/h, so in 10 hours it can provide 115 kW of energy (less a little for losses). We don't know the size of the packs for the Roadster and Cybertruck. Both could be more efficient than you expect. It will be interesting to see how it shapes up.

For those that really need a faster charge for some business reason, perhaps there will be a mini Supercharger made available, but it will be expensive and likely require 3 phase power that is not available in residential areas.