Charging in Ocean City, MD

Charging in Ocean City, MD

I posted about this a while ago, but I have more specific questions now. I'm vacationing Ocean City, MD in late August, and expecting to have my brand new Model S by then!! It would make a great first road trip. I live near Baltimore, MD. I normally travel over the bay bridge to OC, but I could travel via the DE supercharger instead if necessary. It's 115 miles from the SC to ocean city, so I definitely can't make the round trip, especially with travelling during the week. I don't see any public charging stations in Ocean City. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm staying at Oceana II on 83rd street. I was thinking maybe there will be a 110V outlet in the parking lot that should give me plenty of charge during my stay, but I don't have any way to verify short of taking an ICE round-trip sometime between now and then.

cybrown | 22 juin 2013

Forgot to mention, I'd be in an S85.

elguapo | 22 juin 2013

Check out plugshare or chargepoint. I am sure there are some J1772s in OC.

ghillair | 22 juin 2013

There is a large RV park that has 50amp service, you could check with them.

Manta | 29 juin 2013

@cybrown - Please let us know how you make out with charging your car in Ocean City. That's my beach of choice too (although I don't make it down there very often), and I'm in a similar situation: I can make it down, but I can't make it home without a charge.