Clicking sound with end-of-range steering on p85

Clicking sound with end-of-range steering on p85

I've noticed when turning hard and fully, as when exiting a tight parking space, that there is a loud clicking sound. Can feel the vibration also. Anyone else experiencing this, and any idea what it is? Probably had to go in to service.

July10Models | 22 juin 2013

had the same problem, service fixed it in less than an hour.

rochec | 23 juin 2013

@July10Models do you know what they fixed or can you find out? I have this issue and service in Dallas couldn't find it.

July10Models | 23 juin 2013

No, I didn't ask because the steering noise was not my main concern. Service pickup the car from my place of business to repair another issue. I remembered the noisy steering when I was heading out to pick up the car. When I called service they requested an additional hour to make the adjustment. My car is perfect now. Service even replaced the front and rear floor mats for no charge. I scored service 11 on the follow up survey I got via email. You can call the Queens, NY service center to inquire about the adjustment.

njelectric | 23 juin 2013

I have the same issue but I have not reported it yet because it is so intermittent. Only happens when I just start up in a parking lot or in the morning but not all the time. I had a ranger out for other issues last week but it was not happening that day. By the way the ranger service was great. He fixed all of the issues he came out for.

rochec | 24 juin 2013

@justineet you really need to find a fucking hobby man. ALL products have issues, we should be so lucky that it is something minor like a clicking noise. But I'm sure that makes me a troll according to you.

@July10Models ok thanks, I'll give them a call. Got my free mats too when I took it in, we spent quite a bit if time talking about how shocking and cool it was that Tesla would retroactively add floor mats, considering how expensive it will be to them.

rochec | 24 juin 2013

Oh and I have mentioned this before, but you wouldn't care about reality...

Newampster | 24 juin 2013

I visited the Watertown (Boston) Service Center today to see the facility and get an update on delivery of my MS85. I saw a tech working on a P85, VIN 7700. The frunk was removed and I asked him what he was doing. He told me that some models experience noise at the very end of the steering range and at slow speeds, like parking. He made an adjustment and torqued the steering unit back in place. It appears to be a simple fix and also appears to be something that must be requested. I was impressed with the knowledge of the tech, a former BMW tech.

AmpedRealtor | 24 juin 2013

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justineet | 24 juin 2013

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nvjx | 24 juin 2013

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justineet | 24 juin 2013

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