Climate control request

Climate control request


I recall this is a chat for suggested functionality but can't find it now. Apologies. Happy for this to be re-posted there.

I have found that my needs for climate control are somewhat custom. I want the front and rear defrost to be running at a relatively low speed setting (1-2) because I have found the windows fog slightly but consistently if I have defrost off. However, when I turn the car off and back on, the climate system does not revert to the last settings used, but rather to Auto mode, with Defrost off. If I then hit the Defrost buttons, it starts both in Hi mode and I need to follow a laborious process to get the fan speed down.

It would be nice if the software allowed the user to save customized temperature control settings (some combination of seat heating, fan speed, defrost on/off and recycle/fresh) ... a "favorites" of sort for the climate system. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same need, and whether they would find a custom temp setting useful. If so, please respond and perhaps it could be prioritized. And, of course, if it already exists, please let me know! Thanks.

Epley | 7 Janvier 2013

I agree--it would be nice to have a favorites, or "low" setting for defrost.

aa012a | 7 Janvier 2013

Have you tried setting it up and then taping the seat adjust button to prompt saving your profile? I have read that temperature settings are saved with your profile, the trick is to enable the Save button. Sorry I can't be more specific as I do not have the car yet.