Cold-weather test drive video in Norway -

Cold-weather test drive video in Norway -

Nice, informal cold-weather test drive. I've been wondering how my S will do in the Wisconsin winter.

Sad | 17 juin 2013

Excellent, thanks! Should we really expect significantly improved range from the European models? 300 kms range in the cold while arsing around and going up 800 meters is not bad at all already!

Captain_Zap | 17 juin 2013

Awesome video. Thank you!

stevencoberly | 17 juin 2013

I just wish he had put the Frisbee and the ball in the frunk!

Christianjacques | 17 juin 2013

what s the winter mod he s talking ????? is this mod gonna be for canadian one too ???????

JZ13 | 17 juin 2013


He spent so much time highlighting the cargo capacity but ignoring the frunk really missed a golden opportunity to go over the top. Also missed the recessed area of the trunk under the panel.

bradslee | 17 juin 2013

Nice video. His MS has exact color in and out as mine. So beautiful seeing the car being driven in snow. It is something that you can only imagine in the sunny Silicon Valley in June.

P85_Norway | 18 juin 2013


European Winter Package

Improved battery performance and comfort in cold weather with:

•Tree-zone heated backseats
•Heated windscreen washer nozzles
•Defrost function for windshield wiper

In Norway: 8.500 NOK = 1.500 USD

KnutNorway | 18 juin 2013

I talked to the driver when he was packing the car for the trip. The frunk was filled with camerastuff.

And Sad: the tested model was an American democar. The European models are not here yet. So I think all models will performe this good in winter conditions:-)

Sad | 18 juin 2013

I had understood that ;-) , I meant that it's great that we can expect even better range with the Winter package that what this guy achieved with his "American"-spec car.