Cool auto slideshow websites for the touchscreen...

Cool auto slideshow websites for the touchscreen...

I know this is an odd subject, however, I have been trying to find websites that have picture slideshows of exotic locations (tropical islands, exotic beaches, rainforest, beautiful art, photos, etc), that don't use flash, to have as a background on the touchscreen while commuting, or transporting clients.

I know we can't download screensaver software, or play flash videos, however, I have found a few websies (like the opening of the MS section on this site), that have auto-play pictures.

If anyone knows of any good ones, please post the links here...


Sudre_ | 6 Janvier 2013

This might be a good suggestion for one of the browser app writers like Daskboard Clock.

He could even start a pay/subscribe feature that would allow uploading custom pictures with simple crop features.