Customer Service

Customer Service

I have called Customer Service regarding placing a reservation for the Model S twice now and on both occasions two different Reps. said they would get back to me. No one has gotten back to me! Seems rather strange that someone trying to purchase/reserve a Model S would not receive the follow-up promised. Has anyone else had the same experience?

BYT | 26 Janvier 2011

I placed my reservation online and so I never spoke to anyone about it.

Mehdi | 26 Janvier 2011

I reserved mine online on a Sunday and had a call back Monday morning and my reservation number by Tuesday. And all my email inquiries since have been resonded to promptly. So I would say your experince is not normal for Tesla.

qwk | 26 Janvier 2011

Just print and fill out the form and send it in with payment.
It's not that difficult. You cannot reserve one over the phone.

Rich S | 26 Janvier 2011

Thanks. Reserved online and faxed back the signed Reservation Agreement. Let's see how long it takes to receive a call back and our reservation number.

mact3333 | 26 Janvier 2011

did it email asking me to sign reservation agreement within a day...then within hours of faxing the reservation agreement, got an email confirming they received it...1st rate customer service so far for me.

Sparrow | 26 Janvier 2011

I did mine online too, but also talked to someone first and had no trouble getting thru. They also called after receiving my paperwork so I would say that was a better response than I expected from a car company.

Rich S | 26 Janvier 2011

Received an email with our Sequence Number a few hours after faxing our signed reservation agreement.

The Tesla Model S Team provides, as opposed to the General Customer Service team, has provided Outstanding customer service.

qwk | 26 Janvier 2011

What's the sequence #?

Rich S | 27 Janvier 2011

Sequence # 2963. We were told probably the very end of 2012 or early 2013.

musicjewel83 | 23 avril 2013

Dear sirs

My name is Mike Shinozaki.
I purchased Tesla(s) in Jan 2013, the car is beautiful and running so good.
But when it was delivered to me, there was no floor mat at all.
I have been calling and visiting Costamesa baranch to get one, servise person said we will send it to you quickly but no one could help me at all.
Please send me the floor mat to following adress.

Mike Shinozaki

3762 Hartnel Pl Claremont CA91711

Alex K | 23 avril 2013

@musicjewel83@gm... | APRIL 23, 2013: Please send me the floor mat to following adress

I would suggest you call Ownership Experience at 1-877-778-3752 and speak to someone regarding your problem. I doubt Tesla will send your floor mats to you because you posted your address in this public forum.