Dashboard Clock — New and Improved

Dashboard Clock — New and Improved

Hi guys,

Dashboard Clock, the first dashboard application for the Model S, has been updated with new functionality and improved compatibility with the 4.1 Tesla Software release. With this release, you now have:

o Analog Clock
This handsome clock was the genesis for the whole project. Like the site, the clock is designed to compliment the aesthetics of the model S interior.

o Stock Quotes
Track up to dozens of individual equities or indexes for at-a-glance updates.

o US Weather
A quick check of the weather in any US location is a tap away.

o @TeslaMotors News
Keep you finger on the Tesla community by monitoring the TeslaMotors twitter traffic.

o Be our Guest
Each module is configurable and settings can be preserved without the need to create an account or log into the site. Simply use the favorites feature of your browser and your settings will survive even when you computer restarts.

o New Site
Reflecting the expanded role of the application, the site has a new address: Come visit and let us know when you think here or on Twitter at @time4tesla.



RomanandKathy | 8 septembre 2013

I loaded the web page, and my clock does not update unless I re-load the web page. I'm sure I just don't have a setting set up correctly, because otherwise, a stagnant time, which updates only when you refresh the page, is certainly not very useful. Can anyone point out what I need to change in order to get the clock to update? The second hand does not move when I am in the car, but it moves when I bring up the page on my home computer.

I wonder if this implies that it is sending 3G data packets continuously when using the app correctly. This also seems to be a waste of data bandwidth when not in earshot of a WIFI network. Again, I'm sure I just don't get it. Please clue me in.


RomanandKathy | 8 septembre 2013

Sorry for the double post ...

dayoreo | 22 novembre 2013

Thanks Rumbles!!

Rumbles | 22 novembre 2013

@dayoreo you are welcome! Enjoy.

polyphase | 22 novembre 2013

This is my preferred clock, so thanks very much! I can't say I like the Roman numerals though.