Delivery with only 60 miles of range?!?

Delivery with only 60 miles of range?!?

My car was supposed to be delivered today by transport. He broke down last night with a bearing problem in the trailer. Today they got the trailer fixed and were going to make it by 7pm. He called 30 minutes ago to say he blew a tire and wasn't going to make it. He is 70 miles away. I was going to have my brother drive me down to get it, but it turns out there is only 63 miles of range on the car, and no Superchargers in Utah. WTF Telsa?!? The car has a 260+ miles range and you deliver with about 60 miles on it?!? I was kind of planning on driving it after taking delivery. Now I'm going to have to park it in my garage after I finally get it tomorrow and charge it for a few hours. Unbelievable!

ian | 20 juin 2013


It was probably fully charged when they put it on the transport.

I hope you get to enjoy it soon!


rdalcanto | 20 juin 2013

If it lost 200 miles of range in a few days we have a problem....

jsergeant | 20 juin 2013

but it turns out there is only 63 miles of range on the car,

I'm curious how you know it only has 63 miles of range.

bobrode | 20 juin 2013

With that kind of luck I wouldn't be heading to Vegas anytime soon.

rdalcanto | 20 juin 2013

The transport driver checked before I committed to driving 1.5 hours each way to get it. I thought for sure I would be ok. Very shocked that Tesla would be so careless as to deliver my car with a nearly dead battery. Once I do finally get it tomorrow, I won't be able to drive it much, or show it to friends and family until Saturday. I asked if the car has a wrap or cover on it, but apparently it is naked. Hopefully there won't be any road rash on my $112k car. Getting more upset...

Carefree | 20 juin 2013

Something smells fishy here. How is it possible that this trucker keeps having all this bad luck. I suspect he is much farther away than he is telling you and when you told him that you would come to pick up the car he came up with the next lie - 60 miles of range left.

When ours rolled off the truck it had 160 miles of range left - the rest I assume was lost to vampire loss between Phoenix and the factory. I know that the car was staged for a few days in San Diego before it made it on the truck.

AmpedRealtor | 20 juin 2013

Man that sucks. The transport company sounds like one hot mess.

Rgv | 20 juin 2013

My car was delivered today with 180 miles on it. Something suspicious with the transport as mentioned by others above.

ORWA | 20 juin 2013

I think the truck driver drove the car 150 miles while his truck was "broken down"! I would check the odometer and compare with what Tesla shows should be on the car.

hsadler | 20 juin 2013

Should have the driver enable the smartphone access, then you will be able to locate as well as track mileage loss.

pete2212 | 20 juin 2013

I know mine was prepped in a warehouse 20 miles away so it could be charged overnight before delivery. Granted that was in December, Tesla may have gotten a few things worked out since then.

Was this the man who was doing the delivery? or the guy driving the transport vehicle to the prep spot?

satyrias | 20 juin 2013

I don't think Telsa is the problem here. They will go out of their way to satisfy their customers.

Something is not right with that driver. You should check your car very well before you sign any papers with him. If you see any dent or scratches, don’t accept it.

First check the mileage on your car. If you see a mileage higher than 50 miles, you should raise the question. Someone may have abused it.

Do you know Telsa records the mileage at the factory before they ship it?

I even think that this driver may have been driving around in your car for fun with a hooker. Otherwise, how in the world one day his trailer broke down, then the next day the tire blew.

rdalcanto | 20 juin 2013

Good replies. I am generally paranoid, and a lot of those same thoughts crossed my mind. I will check mileage and energy usage. I will bring a tire gage and check tread depth too. I emailed my delivery specialist and will see what he says as well....

satyrias | 20 juin 2013

Ask him what was the mileage on it at the factory. They should have all the records of it.

rdalcanto | 20 juin 2013

I called Tesla service. They said there is 25 miles on the Odometer, and location is Mona, UT. That agrees with the location given to me by the driver. If the failed wheel bearing over heated the tire, it could have caused it to blow out a hundred miles later (although I don't know if it is the same wheel). I need to take a deep breath, not assume the worst, and just wait until tomorrow afternoon....

EclecticCitizen | 20 juin 2013

Mine came with only 60 miles of range back in March, so it's not unheard of. Their reason was that they were rushing to get my car to me and didn't have time to charge it after the test drives at the factory--also had about 65 miles on the odometer. Sucked to not have range to drive right away, but you'll forget about it soon.

Brian H | 20 juin 2013

If you always assume the worst, you'll never be disappointed. Depending on your personality. <;-p

TFMethane | 21 juin 2013

I took delivery of mine in march at the Costa Mesa service center. The delivery was delayed a week because their delivery truck had a breakdown.

A month or so later, I saw them transporting crates that must have had battery packs in them. They were using an F350 with a towed trailer on the back. It looked like a real rinky-dink operation.

Are these the same trucks/trailers they use to deliver the cars? It seems really inefficient to be transporting them one car at a time.

I guess this is what you get when you don't use Teamsters.

justineet | 21 juin 2013

@rdalcanto....calm down dude....sometimes trucks break down....even U -- yourself --- may breakdown unexpectedly. And 60 miles of charge/gas on new cars is way above the industry norm. Usually new cars are delivered to customers with about 20 to 35 miles gas.

gasnomo | 21 juin 2013

um, every car i've ever bought comes with a full tank of gas, standard.

my MS came with about 160 miles of charge as well...

Vawlkus | 27 juin 2013

My mustang didn't have a full tank when I picked it up.

GReese | 27 juin 2013

Because I needed range when I did my pick up (and because I was picking up), I asked the Tesla service center to make sure I was fully charged. They even asked if I wanted a range charge.

I think when you take delivery like this, it's going to be a bit of the luck of the draw.

bmwfan | 27 juin 2013

I asked Tesla to charge mine before I picked it up. Was floored they tried to give me the car with 26 miles and I lived about 30 miles away. They also did not have HPWC, so waited 2 hours to get 60 miles charge.

Only had 120v to charge in my garage so was not pleased they ignored my request to have it charged up. The lower storage area of the trunk was also very wet from detailing, and took a few days to dry due to high humidity

The joy of owning/driving this fantastic car erased those 2 initial hiccups and all has been good since the middle of March!!!

ramtaz | 27 juin 2013

How accurate is the information that battery loses 1% of range per day ?

Brian H | 27 juin 2013

Charge, not range. Range is permanent, charge is right now.

RD7 | 28 juin 2013

Mine had 42 miles of range when it was delivered to my house in April. They seemed unconcerned about it. On the positive side, was a good test of my HPWC.

Peter7 | 28 juin 2013


One other thing to keep in mind; the proper storage level for the batteries is somewhere in the 40-50% range (~110 miles). It would be improper for Tesla to charge a car up to 100% only to then leave it sitting. Combine this, with the known loss due to vampire losses while we wait for an improved sleep mode, which would cause 8-12 miles to be lost a day and you could easily see the number reported by the driver be in the 65 range after a few days. Figure the car was charged, moved into the lot to go on a truck, sat for a few days waiting transport, now a delayed transport...

Anyway, Welcome to the club and best of luck! I'm sure you will forget all about this as soon as you drive it!


satyrias | 29 juin 2013


" I asked the Tesla service center to make sure I was fully charged. They even asked if I wanted a range charge. "

What is a "range charge" ?

tobi_ger | 29 juin 2013

100% charge instead of 80%-90%, isn't it?

Brian H | 29 juin 2013

Maxed out, using the top 10% or so.

r0bertk1em | 29 juin 2013

Excellent delivery/pick up experience yesterday at the Bellevue, WA service Center. Without any request beforehand, the car was fully charged for our pick up. The whole experience was smooth, seamless and truly outstanding.

satyrias | 29 juin 2013

What don't say "full charge"?

Isn't it easy to understand?

hanker777 | 29 juin 2013

@rdalcanto - So, how did it turn out ?

rdalcanto | 29 juin 2013

I got the car a day late since it didn't have enough range for me to go get it where they broke down. The first day was fun, but interrupted by the need to charge. All good now. Loving the car!