Detailing and Paint Protection

Detailing and Paint Protection

Given that my Signature P85 arrived in a bad state, I am going to get it detailed and polished. I have been looking into paint protection and am waiting to hear back from Tesla about Opti-Coat 2.0; has anyone else looked into additional paint protection?

Captain_Zap | 5 avril 2013

There are extensive discussions on the subject. Do a search of the forums by using

RedShift | 5 avril 2013

Today, I detailed the car for the first time.

1. Wash car, dry. I used simple green bio degradable soap solution.
2. Clayed the car. Used a cheap 'wax as you dry' spray wax for lubrication. Worked very well.
3. With my polisher, used Klasse all in one paint sealer/shiner.
4. Buff off with my polisher.
5. Windexed the front wind shield ( no wax/sealant on this due to wiper blades catching )

4.5 hours and a few sore body parts later, I swear the Cd must have come down .1 or .2 ! It is shining like liquid now. :-)

RedShift | 5 avril 2013

Klasse sealant lasts 4-6 months per application according to the manufacturer. 2-3 applications and we will be good for a year.

Brian H | 6 avril 2013

Yep, much less drag from sticky photons, now. ;)

Michael A | 6 avril 2013

Klasse sounds decent; Opti-Coat is marketed as a 'permanent' ceramic paint sealant. Has anyone tried Opti-Coat 2.0?

mauterin | 6 avril 2013

I was torn between opticoat 2.0 and the Klasse twins - ended up going with the Klasse, and didn't clay bar first (paint felt really smooth). Redshift, did you use both AIO and the sealant (red and silver bottles?). As a newbie to taking care of a car myself, I opted for Klasse since it wasn't 'permanent', figuring I could apply opticoat when my confidence went up.

Results were amazing, though I'm noticing orange peel. Bad buffering between coats?

kback | 6 avril 2013

Anyone have experience with 22ple?

scwins | 6 avril 2013

I've had outstanding results with Zaino.
I bought their show car packages and 4 hours later my car looked better than new.

nkohlimd | 6 avril 2013

I have put Opicoat on 3 of my last cars and would highly recommend it especially for dark colors. It is important to do a complete correction as the coating will lock in any scratches and swirls. Once on, it maintains a Greta shine, repels dust, and prevents scratches and swirls. Getting my P85 mid-May and it will definitely go on followed but Xpel Ultimate. care is simple washing as you see fit-I wash all my cars every 2 weeks with Optimum No Rinse inside the garage-takes 15 minutes per car. Hope that helps.

RedShift | 6 avril 2013

Brian: Some of these car wax companies boast that aircraft manufacturers use their products to reducearasitic drag. Don't know if that's true. The southwest jet I flew last looked pretty dirty :-)

RedShift | 6 avril 2013

Mauterin: you use too much of the sealant. You need to either put in some elbow grease to remove it, or use a random orbit polisher like me.

And yes, imusednthe red and silver bottle.

I have used saina in the past, and prefer Klasse, because of the second step : high gloss sealant. The car does look better with that. I am sure Zaino and Klasse are very similar in their performance actually.

TikiMan | 6 avril 2013

I just had my P85 Sig detailed with a two-step polish and paint-correction, and 22PLE VX1 Pro glass-finish...

RedShift | 6 avril 2013

I missed mentioning the high gloss sealant that is the final step for Klasse all in one application.

I put in another coat this morning and sealed again. Now, to sit back and enjoy not worrying about taking the car to regular car wash places for say 6-8 months.

RedShift | 6 avril 2013

Zaino, not Saina in my last post.

TikiMan | 6 avril 2013

Here is another photo of the hood in daylight... ...

The 22PLE really gives almost a mirror-like finish!

mikefa | 14 juillet 2013

i think the newest technology in paint sealant is Opti-Coat 2.0... cost a bit more than all the old stuffs mentioned here, but i think it is well worth it.

Brian H | 15 juillet 2013

Signature P85? Say what? There is no such thing.

pilotSteve | 15 juillet 2013

@BrianH - I take that to me a Signature Performance; thats nomenclature I would use. The 85 is redundant nugatory accouterment.

Brian H | 15 juillet 2013

When the Sigs were being made, last summer, were there Perf models available? I thought they came later.

NICE | 15 juillet 2013

Get Opti-coat pro on everything. The factory paint and clear coat is soft like Toyotas. Any bird droppings left overnight will leave marring that will later need to be buffed out. Opti-coat is a ceramic coating that will protect your car from it. Best stuff IMO, I wish I knew about it a long time ago.

cfOH | 15 juillet 2013

So Opti-Coat Pro underneath Xpel Ultimate would be a very solid approach to paint protection, or should it be one or the other on any given panel?

NICE | 15 juillet 2013

I didn't get the expel or any of the paint protection films (yet). From what I was told, you can opti-coat right over it. If/when I get PPF I'd apply it over the opti-coat and then apply opti-coat on top of the PPF.

The opti-coat is nano particles that bonds to the surface, whether its paint, plastic, metal, glass, or PPF. Its hydrophobic and hardens smooth so less things stick to it. What that means is your car stays cleaner longer and it's easier to wash & dry when you have to.

FYI, there is a difference between the opti-coat 2.0 which is a consumer product and the opti-coat pro which can only be installed by an authorized professional.

Get what suits you best, I always say.

Keith72 | 15 juillet 2013

If you're planning on Opti Coat, go with the Opti Coat Pro rather than the Opti Coat 2.0. The 2.0 is for DIY, you have to go to a professional for the Pro, but it's worth it. Total cost for me was $475 and that included the initial polish since my car was a few months old. If you get yours done right off the truck, you might be able to skip the polish and save $100 off of the price I paid. The price I paid also included coating the windows, wheels and lens with similar Opti Coat products. The car looks fantastic, and nothing sticks to it. As mentioned previously, it's permanent and I like not having to ever wax my car again in the Houston heat.

TomN | 25 août 2013

Does anyone know of a reputable place for Opti-Coat Pro in the Chicago area?

jw669 | 28 août 2013


For a map of Authorized OC installers

ralsagoff | 28 août 2013

Does anyone know of a reliable Opti-Coat Pro installer in the LA or Orange County areas?

Would very much appreciate sharing.


simplesolarinc | 28 août 2013

I'ved used

PHONE: 562 595 2867

before on my previous car. Good guy