Disappointing delivery experience

Disappointing delivery experience

I was on my way to pick up my new Tesla today, when I got a call from the delivery specialist telling me that my car had mistakenly been given to another customer over the weekend. Now they want to deliver the car to me after it had been used by someone else. This diminishes the joy and experience of expecting your new car.
Not a happy camper at all. Very unprofessional. After all, don't they check VIN numbers before delivering cars?

Mel. | 24 novembre 2014


What service center are you working with?....?.

tndcosta | 24 novembre 2014

Oh Well, mistakes happen.

David N | 24 novembre 2014

Honesty is the best policy

drax7 | 24 novembre 2014

The other guy must of noticed the configuration did not match and
Reported it. How much could he have maligned your car.

DTsea | 24 novembre 2014

should check vin. of course other would be very similar. oops.

SamusAranX | 24 novembre 2014

Ask them if they actually finished the delivery with him and he drove it, or if he noticed during the delivery and rejected the delivery.

It's possible that he didn't actually accept the delivery, so he didn't actually break it in for you.

TeoTeslaFan | 24 novembre 2014

not sure what part in OP's description was unclear that you want him to repeat the same information again.

You should escalate the issue. How else are they going to correct their mistake or implement appropriate procedure if nobody complains about it. Also you could consider refusing delivery and ask them to build you a new car and provide a free loaner until then.

blue adept | 24 novembre 2014


It's possible that he didn't actually accept the delivery....

You'll also have to consider that it is similarly possible that this mistaken delivery mix up snafu didn't even happen at all and that carlos is merely blowing smoke to stir the pot just to see what sort of discontent can be raised among this site's Tesla Motors/Model S aficionados.

I mean, you've an automotive manufacturer as advanced, technically savvy, detail oriented and quality centric as Tesla Motors and they're gonna confuse a delivery, really?!

Think about it.

blue adept | 24 novembre 2014


blue adept | 24 novembre 2014

I advise all here to take such rumors with a grain of salt.

Brian H | 24 novembre 2014

Wrong grain.

7. 1/7000 pound; equals a troy grain or 64.799 milligrams

blue adept | 25 novembre 2014
DTsea | 25 novembre 2014

should check vin. of course other would be very similar. oops.

teo... mountains... molehills... try to keep them straight.

ian | 25 novembre 2014

just an allusion - Delivery mistakes happen because humans are involved. Until the cars are delivered by robots, never having been touched by human hands, mistakes like these will continue to happen.


blue adept | 25 novembre 2014


I've simply never heard of a mistaken delivery, like, ever, so you'll have to excuse me if I express incredulity.

ian | 25 novembre 2014

And I have because I read the forums too. In fact, I'm fairly certain I read about an owner here, or maybe it was over at, that had a car delivered that was really not his car as it was the wrong color. Of course, he didn't take it but the fact that they got it that wrong is proof that humans are indeed still in charge of this process.

Maybe you need to read more and shoot your mouth (er, um, fingers) off less? ;-)


blue adept | 25 novembre 2014
Enza918 | 25 novembre 2014

No way... Which center is this? Unbelievable.

DTsea | 26 novembre 2014

There was a guy who had home delivery and they took his car to the wrong place. Happens.

DallasTeslan | 26 novembre 2014

I think it would be reasonable to ask for a very small concession (free annual service for a year or two) if this story is indeed true. I don't think it would be a major disappointment for me as long as there was <100 miles on the car when I got it and there weren't any major delays in getting the vehicle. They owned up to it, people make mistakes.

chris | 27 novembre 2014

I bought a demo and the process was a mess. They didn't notice some broken parts, the paperwork took days, they left it in Demo mode (meaning I couldn't drive above 120km/h and finally, I thought the waiting room was a mess with overflowing garbage bins. I wound up driving on Dealer plates for 10-days while they sorted things.

Anyways, I was patient through everything but, I reached a limit and finally complained. They gave me free floor mats and Tesla rolling duffle bag. It helped ease the pain.

carlk | 27 novembre 2014

I was wondering who's car it was when it was delivered to me. I had the chance of my life for driving it the way I would never want to drive mine. Thank you Carlos.

ian | 27 novembre 2014

The same gif twice in one thread? Really jaa? Haha! ;-)

Brian H | 27 novembre 2014

He's in love.

blue adept | 1 décembre 2014

I'd have used a different gif, but didn't feel like sourcing up another just to address the continued theme of absurdity.