Do women like Model S more?

Do women like Model S more?

Every day, I google "Tesla" and then click on News to see what the media is saying about Tesla as a company as well as the Model S as a car. After each article, I scroll down to see readers' comments. Some are clever, some are snarky, and some are plain misinformed. But in general, I have noticed that if the name of the commenter gives away his/her gender, the female commenters always seem more receptive to the wide-spread acceptance of the MS, sometimes because of the lack of pollution, sometimes just because it's a beautiful car. Also, they seem to be less hung-up on fast cars having loud, throaty sounds to prove their legitimacy.

What do you guys think?

RanjitC | 18 mai 2013


Brian H | 18 mai 2013


MS-lover | 18 mai 2013

yes women will and do like Model S or electric cars in general. Happened with my wife 2 years. Got Leaf, she was skeptical. She loves the car. over 100 years ago women loved electric cars. Easy to operate and the cars of many practical advantages. They are right this time around again!

elguapo | 18 mai 2013

Couldn't this just be a result of women being more likely to use a gender-identifying name in comments online? My experience has been men care a lot more about the car.

jbunn | 18 mai 2013

My wife quickly became an EV advocate. No gas, no noise, no smell. Plus it's comfortable to drive and be driven in. Last weekend we were sitting behind a performance car at a light and the exhaust was getting in our car. She said it would be great when those were off the road.

Captain_Zap | 18 mai 2013


I see more traditionally male names in nyms.
Maybe women's names catch your eye? Skewed data?

Brian H | 18 mai 2013

Initial skepticism (cost) and subsequent enthusiasm. A steeper curve!

GettingOldFast | 18 mai 2013

I guess maybe what I'm musing about is more specifically about non-owners, and maybe the idea that women are just generally more open-minded (which is why when they shop, they look at EVERYTHING) and less likely to be defensive about their current wheels.

There's no question that once that car pulls into the garage, both "owners" love it. (It's my car, but my wife made me put her name on the registration -- just in case. In case what???)

jbunn | 18 mai 2013

My wife hates gettin bent over by mechanics. "Miss, your flugelstein is zero point five degrees off axis". is this good? Bad? Who knows? With ev it eiether works or it doesnt.

I dont think women enjoy the dealership model eiether. During a sale once, she asked a question, and the dealer patted her on the hand, and said "Dont worry, honey". I was worried, as I expected him to pull back a bloody stump. Shes cute, but she a senior manager at a tech company, and is no fool.

So, I would say, this relieves many of the frustrations women have with purchase and ownership. Shark repellent.

Aleksandyr | 18 mai 2013

my wife says it is a car made for guys! otherwise they would have had nice vanity mirrors!!!

DouglasR | 18 mai 2013

I learned long ago not to try to predict what women will like - or men, for that matter.

txjak | 18 mai 2013

I thought maybe they liked if for the Ms. like name, but more likely it's because the day of the full service gas station has passed. I think women like pumping gas much less than men.

Captain_Zap | 18 mai 2013

The extending door handles don't break fingernails.
Saves money on manicures.

Xerogas | 18 mai 2013

Within five minutes of riding in my 40 for the first time, my wife asked if we could upgrade to the 60 and supercharger hardware, so we could drive cross-country. We've never driven cross-country before ;)

EDH AL | 18 mai 2013

My wife was skeptical before we took possession of our P85: she worried about reliability, lack of any kind of maintenance history, details like lack of a vanity mirror light and door pockets, etc. Within a day or two of ownership I started having to negotiate for driving priveleges; she makes up excuses to drive the car; she drives with a new-found pride in "her" car, she tells her girl-friends the car is a "guy magnet;" etc. She thinks nothing of telling me "why don't you drive the Lexus for a while?"

As much as I love MY P85, I think she loves it more. Do I care? Well, she does wash and vacuums the car twice a week. I can live with that.

Neech | 19 mai 2013

I am a female Model S owner and very happy with it. I was never into loud cars and don't know any women who are. I was behind a Mustang last night with extra loud exhaust (the intentional kind) and it was driven by a man. Maybe loud cars and motorcycles make up for Low T ;-)

Neech | 19 mai 2013

I hope your wife at least gave him one hell of a look. I too have had dealers and service shop managers give me condescending comments and I will gladly walk out.

shaneosullivan1 | 19 mai 2013

Anecdotal evidence suggests that both men and women like it, but perhaps for different reasons. A co-worker of mine said his wife had gotten one and loves it, and while he thinks the acceleration is fantastic, he won't get one for himself because the handling doesn't meet the standard of his M5.

I told him about the P+, which he hadn't heard of, and now he's thinking about getting one.

My wife loves our 85, thinks the space is fantastic, it looks great, and is quiet. Me, I love those things, but also mashing the lightspeed pedal.

jdb | 19 mai 2013

Tough question. But a real life observation. I have been responsible for a number of Model S vehicle orders in last six months since my sig vehicle arrived with help from the wives of friends. I got my garage totally renovated before car arrived. Shelving on walls, new flooring and wall paint, garage looks beautiful for first time in 20 years. So when couples come to visit both of them of course love the MS, but the wife also likes my explanation that because of the need to keep the car in garage for electrical charging overnight it of course is necessary to renovate garage, and that sells them. They hate their messy garages.

jbunn | 19 mai 2013

Neech, you must have been behind the same mustang we were. And it smelled.

Yes, that was vthe end of that car dealer. Didnt matter if he was giving cars away

kalel65 | 20 mai 2013

The other night I was driving home from my daughter's house and my wife was driving behind me in our Lexus, which she now drives

When we got back she told me she couldn't get over how beautiful the car was at night.

She especially liked the look of the care from the rear. Funny, she used to say the same about me. You think I should be worried?

ASG | 20 mai 2013

As a female co-owner - I totally agree with the dealership model. I actually emailed George Blankenship highlighting that the service center folks treated me with so much respect - such a rarity at ICE dealerships. I'm not fully knowledgable about cars but have an advanced degree in engineering. I get the basics and don't appreciate someone trying to fleece me or assume I'm an idiot.

I can also say - except for a male coworker - who I see daily - all other MS sitings on the road - females have been driving. We wave and smile and frankly - I get excited - love to see the women driving this fantastic vehicle...

"Who gets to drive" - is now the biggest argument at our house...

dlhart1956 | 20 mai 2013

I am a woman and I love the Model S - we bought it for a lot of different reasons, its a great looking vehicle, few mechanicals worries and no emissions. My husband loves the car too, but it is mainly my drive to and from work car. I also own a Camaro SS that I bought last year because I always wanted one, most of our car purchases are my choice. Motorcycles are a different matter, and my husband is anxiously awaiting a long range electric model.

FFox | 20 mai 2013

I'm another woman Model S owner. I fell in love with the idea of Tesla from day one, but wasn't interested in the roadster. When they introduced the Model S I knew I wanted it, but was hesitant to spend that much for a car. My husband's comment was that he didn't want to hear me whining about not getting the car of my dream. Go for it and don't look back. I did and I'm a very happy Model S owner.

I am surprise that when we are together that everyone thinks it's my husband's car. I immediately correct them.

Panoz | 20 mai 2013

I see the opposite reaction I was expecting, or at least a different mixture of responses. My wife disliked my Delorean for only one reason: reliability. Women HATE to think they'll be stuck on the side of the road, vulnerable. Men will take style or speed or rarity over reliability every time. Women buy Toyotas, men by Mustangs.

So women liking the Model S doesn't surprise me re: quiet and less complex than an ICE car. What surprises me is the lack of concern at being stranded with a dead battery and nowhere near to charge it. Pull into any gas station, you're back to a full tank in 2 minutes. With a Tesla, no such luck.

I wonder if my wife would be an advocate of the Tesla if she got to drive one. So far she's just pointing out the impracticality of one running low on a charge while sitting in traffic...

LMB | 20 mai 2013

@Ffox Yes indeed, if there are a man and a woman standing next to the car, it must be "his" - seems like a universal response.

I had the same experience in our three-day-old S. A young guy thought it was pretty funny that I was explaining to my husband how to do something with the touchscreen, I forget what. "Ha ha, she's showing YOU how to do it!" "Well yeah, it's her car," husband responds.

Dear true love: thank you for my birthday present. Best ever.

Brian H | 20 mai 2013

"while sitting in traffic" -- almost impossible. The MS draws no power while stopped other than fractions of a KW for accessories you're running. There is no "idle". The motor only turns when you want it to.

jdb | 20 mai 2013

Panoz: Just got home after 200 mile roundtrip today in MS, with over 35 miles left on range indicator. It is impossible to unknowingly run out of battery on highway given that car shows you instant range reading at all times. So go ahead and buy the MS, you will not regret. My wife and I vie to drive it-we have settled on compromise, whichever of us has longer drive that day gets the Tesla. And Kale 65, my wife's ICE is a Lexus LS 460 and I suspect she likes the looks of the MS better than me, so don't worry.

cablue | 20 mai 2013

From this woman's perspective, I love that it's using no gas, has no emissions, is roomy, and FAST! I like sporty cars with space. Those are some of the reasons for getting this. I love to punch it off the line FAST. I love to pass cars on the freeway FAST. It is just so much fun! I don't like boring cars. And, of course, it's beautiful. My husband loves it, but I really love it!