Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

I know and saw at least two Tesla owners who let their dogs ride in their new model S. I have not let mine in the car yet but probably will soon. Just wondering what you are doing to keep the car as nice and hair free when you do let your dogs in? or you will not let fido in your new car?

sunnysailor | 19 avril 2013

My cute mixed breed dog rides in the front seat and loves to look out the window. I have a folded blanket on the seat. If anyone finds a good front seat cover please post a link.

stimeygee | 19 avril 2013

Ryan - does the wire mesh divider cut off any storage space in the trunk? Or does it sit nice and flush up against the back of the seats? Thanks for the link!

james | 19 avril 2013

The first morning our Model S was in the driveway our two dogs insisted that this was the car they were to be driven to daycare in. There was no amount of coaxing that was going to get them to go in the Acura.

Yes, it was a proud moment for me that the dogs realized just how special the Model S is. And yes, they ride in it. Often.

WetSpotGarage | 19 avril 2013

My dog always gets to ride in the back seat. I've had the best results using rubberized bath mats on the seats. Two of them cover the seat and stay put.

When you want to carry people in the back seat, the mats can be removed in seconds. My current dog weighs 50 pounds, and two dogs ago it was a 70 pounder. Now we use a harness and a short safety restraint that attaches to the seat belts whe we take highway trips.

I've never experienced any damage to the seats, but occasionally I vacuum the dog hair out of the crack at the bottom of the seatback.

I once bought one of those 'systems' that clip to the seats, headrests, front seats, etc, and they are a pain to deal with. I got rid of it within a month. Plus, they slide around, while bath mats stay put.

- Bill

Brian H | 19 avril 2013

with their 00s of times more sensitive noses, I'm sure the gas-free smell of the MS makes is a doggie no-brainer. Anent which, didja know 50% of the dog brain is dedicated to smell? The "head out the window" schtick is getting a hi-speed nose news report of the territory. The doggie-brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

Brian H | 19 avril 2013

typo: ... MS makes it a ...

Tomas | 19 avril 2013

Jeez.... It's just a car. My three chihuahuas ride to work with me every day.
I love my Model S, but I love my mutts even more.

Brian H | 19 avril 2013

That's cheating; chihuahuas don't shed.

RyanMN | 24 avril 2013

I have about an inch away from backseat when I have it in. I wanted to make sure if any licking was going on, it would be a harder reach the leather. My current foster thinks he needs to lick everything. I can even put things I don't want him to get into under the second compartment in trunk. It would easily mount flush against seat though if that is your preference.

When I first sized it, I actually put it together in place in back of car to get the fit as tight as possible. It has rubber on the top bar of the mesh, i was worried that it might rub and leave a stain on ceiling, but some testing on a less obvious location proved that that wasn't going to happen. It really fits well, my only worry is if a dog found a way to pull it towards him he could probably pull it loose the way I have it mounted. Definitely something to test with dog in back while your not driving until you and your dog are comfortable.

stimeygee | 24 avril 2013

Thanks Ryan.

DarrellH | 20 mai 2013

We don't have a dog now (ours passed away a year or so ago) but plan to get one (another Bernese Mountain Dog or Golden Retriever—still "fighting" over that decision). However, to be prepared, we also purchased the Backmat from Roseanne. I also saw the picture on It is worth every penny—and then some. We HIGHLY recommend it. And Roseanne is a pleasure to work with.

calbeach95 | 21 mai 2013

I never imagined I would allow our huskies in my black on black P85, but due to work & travel I ended up having to pick up our two huskies since my husband was out of town with his car. Well.....I do have a great custom sized, perfectly fitted trunk and frunk clear liner mat from Lloyd's that I bought through AutoAnything to help protect the floors( ) but I could only manage to fit one of our portable kennels in the back with the driver's side rear seat down. So I put a blanket along the back carpeting of the upright passenger side rear seat to help keep the ever shedding hair collection to a minimum....and the huskies broke in the trunk for their ride home! The hardest part was vacuuming the white hair off of the rear trunk side walls & back of the rear seats. I'd swear it was velcro because I finally had to resort to using lint tape as the vacuum was nearly useless.

I did get a few thumbs up on the way home from other drivers who smiled as my kennel-free husky proudly stared out of the rear window. Maybe Tesla can create a dog restraint / kennel system for the trunk instead of rear seats as an add on...(wink,wink)

RFBrost | 22 mai 2013

My license plate is DOGTSLA so yes, all three of my dogs ride in my MS. I have a heavy duty mat for the rear hatch area with an old blanket covering it for my 90 lb Female Briard, I have a canvas seat cover which hangs like a hammock from the front seat head rests and the rear seat backs where my 100 lb male Briard rides, and I have a small doggie car seat for my 20 lb Tibetan Terrier which sits in my passenger seat. The dogs nails can scratch the leather seats so it is important to cover them. I also have body harnesses so that they each can be connected to the seat belts for safety on long trips. Most of the trips I take are dog centered (i.e. Dog Park, Vet, etc) so I needed to put all this in place from day one. The canvas seat cover I bought originally for my BMW. Fits the MS just fine.

Brian H | 22 mai 2013

Why didn't you go for "MUTTSLA"? ;)

Chuck Lusin | 23 mai 2013

How about a fast night ride girls?

ajamison | 23 mai 2013

I would be worried that a dog would destroy the interior

Chuck Lusin | 23 mai 2013

They have to stay in their dog seat. Works good, but every now and then a loose hair flies around. :(

hsadler | 23 mai 2013

Only if he shares driving duties on long trips.

Chuck Lusin | 23 mai 2013

If the Pomeranian were to drive, she would go straight to PetSmart and load up on dog treats!

They sure love to go for rides!

Tâm | 5 juin 2013

Lovely Tesla dog and its proud chauffeur found at Tejon Supercharger.

teslaisfuture | 7 juin 2013

I don't have a dog but 4 parrots and one of them named "Dusty"... they enjoy the ride as much as I do

jchangyy | 7 juin 2013

I have a bishon/poodle mix that rides in my car, and I have lots of scratches on the shiny, gloss arm rest (where my do likes to sit) to prove it.

blisSfullee | 7 juin 2013

We bought our S only after making sure our 85lb Doberman would be able to fit in the back area when the back seat is folded down. He's used to that configuration in our Prius--and the Model S has the same amount of head room in the back (as long as you get the sunroof). We take delivery on June 22nd.

Schlermie | 7 juin 2013

I've heard folks comment that their children cook in the third-row seats due to poor ventilation and sun exposure through the back window, but that doesn't sound like a nice thing to do to a dog. Are dogs able to cope with or avoid the heat problems in the back hatch area somehow?

Tâm | 9 juin 2013

Another dog, Chicken Little, is found in the video:

HawaiiBee | 10 juin 2013

My dog rode in my 911 and will ride in my Model S.

Azdcmoney | 21 août 2013
I installed mine with help service center pulling the bench seat for me. It fits like a glove, water proof and I am told durable. Perfect for my 7, 8 yr old boys

eugenedickens | 21 août 2013

No dogs, but my chickens really like going 100mph without flapping their wings...

portia | 21 août 2013

our two huskies have now been in the car, long trip to LA and back. I fold the seats down and cover the back with sheets (doesn't look great, but cuts down on the dog hair spread), I also tinted the windows so it wouldn't be too hot in the back. They seemed to love it, And I had dog hair all over the back even before they ever set paw in the car.

portia | 21 août 2013

our two huskies have now been in the car, long trip to LA and back. I fold the seats down and cover the back with sheets (doesn't look great, but cuts down on the dog hair spread), I also tinted the windows so it wouldn't be too hot in the back. They seemed to love it, And I had dog hair all over the back even before they ever set paw in the car.

chrisdl | 22 août 2013

Planning to take our GSD everywhere we go, so yes to dog in Tesla. Another reason to add ventilation to the trunk! ;-)

Captain_Zap | 22 août 2013


We spoiled our pup and got him a Tesla blanket. Very nice!

chrisdl | 22 août 2013

Your chickens can otherwise go 100 mph when they DO flap their wings??
Chicken power!

Brian H | 22 août 2013

= Poultry power!

Captain_Zap | 22 août 2013

That's fowl.

AaronL | 23 août 2013

Bought a volt for the dogs. Actually a great car however all non tesla cars seem so complicated and way to many buttons on the dashboard.

EVMD | 23 août 2013

Of course the dog is part of the joy, is my best friend. in fact my dog went 3 times to Tesla store before buying.

Vicelike | 23 août 2013

My Jack Russell has already bitten through the side leather panel on two other vehicles that I own(ed).

When she sees another dog, she like to show how tough she is by ripping whatever is handy.

So no, I have learned my lesion the hard way.... twice.

portia | 27 août 2013

My huskies in the back of the Tesla
I cover most of the carpet so the dog hairs don't get all over them, even then I still have to vacuum after the trip!

DSurber | 27 août 2013

Here's our bicolor GSD. (Taking a picture of a (mostly) black dog against a black background is challenging.) We have a trunk liner from USTrunk. Works perfectly. The fit is very tight and it was a bit of a struggle to get it in the first time. Now it goes in and out easily.

shop | 27 août 2013

I use a standard sheet and completely cover the trunk area wrapping around the tops of the back seat, tucking it in everywhere. Works well, I end up with very little dog hair in the car after taking the sheet off.

portia | 27 août 2013

does your dog drool on the back door? Mine very little, but still make a few spots so I covered the doors too.

Brian H | 28 août 2013

Vacuum the dog daily to reduce hair spread?

Tâm | 1 décembre 2013

Model S is among the most dog friendly car I've ever seen.

Practically, there is enough space above dashboard to a dog fine:

Why 1 when you can fit 2?:

Hey, there's plenty of space in the trunk:

Some even suggest the rear well:

edcalis | 1 décembre 2013


grey555303 | 1 décembre 2013

hehehe, cute pictures!

Tâm | 6 février 2014

Small one in front, big one in back, and they all want window seats only, center seat will be reserved for human :)

Brian H | 8 février 2014

Dogs get a hispeed nose-news report on the world by hanging out car windows. Half a doggie brain is nose-dedicated, and it lights up like a Christmas tree hanging out there.

Their sight just serves to get the nose in the right places.

David70 | 8 février 2014


Do you have some kind of seatbelt or other constraint, or are they smart enough to not jump out the window when they see another dog?

I know mine aren't that smart.

Roamer@AZ USA | 8 février 2014

Sadie Mae was the first one in the car. That's the auto hauler driver in the back ground that had just delivered the car last year. That dog loves the seat heat she is always cold.

It's a one dog power Tesla.