Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

I know and saw at least two Tesla owners who let their dogs ride in their new model S. I have not let mine in the car yet but probably will soon. Just wondering what you are doing to keep the car as nice and hair free when you do let your dogs in? or you will not let fido in your new car?

Tâm | 8 février 2014


Very nice! Here's your inline picture of how a car is powered under the hood :)


No, they don't have any restraints so they ride like a wild drunk bunch but they are expert at anticipating positive and negative G-forces.

They are suicidal dogs so they would jump out of windows at any time and any speed!

I only put windows all the way down at low speed (deserted neighbor hood roads at 5mph, in case they want to chase a cat or dog) but at any higher speed, I pull the windows up to a head size crack so they can stick their nose out without the ability to crawl through.

Tâm | 8 février 2014

Sorry, the picture is kind of distorted. Let's try again:

slipdrive | 8 février 2014

The canvas sling works great. Throw some towels in. This 70lb Golden boy didn't like the rear deck.

Roamer@AZ USA | 8 février 2014

Thanks Tam, I gave up on the picture post thing.

My little dog has a dog bed with Velcro on the bottom stuck to the folded back seat backing material. She has learned to manage the high G forces really well and the Velcro keeps the bed from sliding back.

Brian H | 9 février 2014

Roamer, Tam;
Just include "width="600" in the HTML and it will autofit the pic to column width with appropriate height (aspect ratio).
<img src="URL" width="600">

The URL is from the context menu's Copy Image Location, and usually ends in '.jpg'.

CharlotteOmoto | 10 février 2014

We usually take our two Labrador retrievers in our F150 out to the woods and fishing, but when I need to take them to the vet in town, I take them in my Model S. The first time I took the 11 year old black lab, she got so excited she drooled. In about 5 seconds flat, she managed to turn off the radio, turn on the seat warmer and open the sunroof. Ever since, if I don't have a human passenger, I move the front passenger seatback forward, and put down the back seats so that they can't operate the 17" screen with their drool.

portia | 10 avril 2014

I have been collecting photos of dogs in Tesla in a pinterest board please let me know if you find other photos!

NKYTA | 10 avril 2014

Portia, very nice. Lots of happy dogs with happy Tesla owners. :-)

rufusperry | 10 avril 2014

We have 3 standard poodles. 85 lbs, 75 lbs, and 5o lbs (pup). We had Roseanne make a mat for us with a flap that hangs over the bumper to protect it from scratches.. The backs of the rear seats have 3 tether attachments for car seats but they are perfect for securing the dogs! We love the mat and are so glad we discovered someone who owns a Tesla and makes the perfect mat for the dogs to lay on!
If interested send me a PM and I will provide her contact info. She lives in Sacramento Ca.

sellnout | 10 avril 2014

One of the benefits of owning a Tesla is the dog is safe in the car even when it's hot.

SBerg | 10 avril 2014

Chocolate lab Karma is with us on our trip from Solvang, CA to Bend, OR and back. She rides in the back and does fine, except it did get hot on one leg of the trip so we got a sun screen to provide some shade. May look at tinting the rear window.
Duct tape cleans up hair pretty well.

Rlmequities | 20 mai 2014

Hi can anyone make sense of this.. My 8 yrs old Lab will NOT ride in My model S!
For the first 3 months no problem, then i had a rear tire blow our on the freeway with the Lab in the back seat, she freaked our & jumped in the front seat shaking like a baby!
From that point on she wont stay in the back seat and jumps into the front seat still shaking!(last 6 months this has continued ) She rides in our other cars no problem ! Hum??
I was thinking that the high pitch of the electric motor may effect her?
Any rational thoughts would be welcome

Tâm | 20 mai 2014

She's a grown up after the incident.

Front seat only please :)

ebradmeyer | 20 mai 2014

The two aging Portuguese Water Dogs I recently inherited come with me everywhere I go, in whichever car, so I've thrown a loose-weave blanket over the rear seat and called it good. Sometimes they've gotten back there wet, and then my job is to keep them on the blanket long enough to get somewhat dry before the one that likes the front seat makes the transition.

These ladies don't shed much at all, so that's not a problem, but I think it's safe to say I've had to be less fanatical about the state of my interior than most owners here. More frequent cleaning is definitely necessary, all the same.

PhillyMomof4 | 22 mai 2014

I relented early and allow my two Bullmastiffs in the car. They are allowed in the way back and have ruined the carpeting with their short fur. Ce la vie. It is too hot back there for them, however, now that the weather is warming up, and even with the a/c on full blast with outside air circulation they are sweltering back there. I actually can't let them ride back there if it's over 70 outside until I find a solution. My big guy (130-lb) almost choked himself trying to get his head over the rear seat headrest to get the a/c. I don't have the rear window tinted but I have the rear window shade. Doesn't help.

tes-s | 23 mai 2014

It is getting close to a year I've had my MS. I'm thinking of letting the dogs in at the 1-year mark, and kids at 2-years.

Bighorn | 23 mai 2014


Sounds like PTSD

rufusperry | 9 juin 2014

We have a custom made cover for our S. It covers the back area all the way to the folded down seats. We attached 30 inch tethers to the attachments for child seats on the back of the bench seats. Our 3 standard poodles (85 pounds, 75 pounds, and 55 pounds) ride safely and comfortably. I can't attach a picture here, but if you contact me at I will be happy to share contact info and lots of pictures!

Brian H | 11 juin 2014

You can attach any pictures hosted on a website. Many threads on forum use describe how. Have you read any?

avanti5010 | 10 septembre 2014

I don't want to be controversial, but I am of the opinion (and dog experts agree) that dogs should always be restrained in moving vehicles for their own protection or the safety of other occupants. It's just a matter of common sense. People are now "trained" to use seat belts and look at the the difference they make. A passenger side airbag or being thrown about the cabin would easily kill most dogs.
I have always used a crate for mine, tied down securely and well-padded. I feel much better about their safety and they tend to behave themselves, too.
Before I purchased my Tesla, I folded the rear seats and took measurements for the crate. The hatchback opening makes putting the crate in a breeze. My dogs are very important to me!!

Captain_Zap | 10 septembre 2014

I flagged jimmyjohn's spam.

Panoz | 11 septembre 2014

A *dog* in a Model S?!? Say it ain't one under 21 in my [future] MS!

teslaliving | 13 septembre 2014

My dog rides in my Model S all the time. We go trail running etc. She comes back covered in mud, water etc. Its a car, for life. A great one, use it and live!

I do use a "Canine Cover" for the rear seat though:

Pictures here:

FWIW the dog is neater than the kid.

Panoz | 13 septembre 2014

This whole thread is spam from a Leaf owner. *I* am not good enough to ride in my own (future) Tesla, much less a dog. The car will be purchased and then left in a garage for cleaning, never leaving the driveway.

hideiba | 14 septembre 2014

I flip the read seat back down and lay down a blanket in the trunk for my English Springer to lay on. It kinds works like a hatch back car. We do this to get to my work and back this way every day…. :-)

rdhob | 14 septembre 2014

We have 3 dogs, 220 pounds total. We tried the back mat and having a seat down and the dogs accessing trunk and back seat, they looked like sardines. I am handy with a sewing machine. Made large stuffing bag to fill backseat wheel well ( where back seat passenger legs go.) covered that with an egg crate mattress. Covered that with a queen size blanket with holes to hang over all 5 headrests and a flap to cover the console. It is a giant sling from front of backseat to back of front seat. The dogs love it, easy in and out for them. They have room to change position around each other. Some dirt falls through and is vacuumed out monthly. Little wear and tear on the seats. The back windows that do not retract all the way down were uncomfortable for the golden retriever at first. Now she rests her muzzle out the window all the time. The blanket over the headrest does not bother the front passengers. We take dogs more than people in our MS.

Brian H | 14 septembre 2014

Do you call your MS Dogbus-1? :) POIDH!! Pls!!

sklancha | 14 septembre 2014

Now that we've established that quite a few of us do let our 4-legged family members cruise in the Tesla with us...

I have a Great Dane that loves the Tesla as much as I do. He has been in the car for a good 40-50% of the 11k miles. We still haven't quite figured out the best way to let him enjoy the ride and easily/readily protect the interior [and him] and we are open to suggestions.

During long trips, we stuff the back seat foot well and put a doggy hammock in the back seat. This provides plenty of cushioned space for him to relax, but the minute he repositions, the ends of the seat cushion get exposed (which means the leather can get punctured by his nails). we also had to wedge cardboard between the seat and the door to keep his paws from scratching the door when he stretches. It looks quite gawdy, but I haven't been able to find a more refined solution.

Short cruising speed trips, I've let him sit in the front seat. He wears a vest with a handle on the back- which I put the seat buckle through. He really enjoys this spot because he can look through the windshield plus look out the window. The biggest problem here is that his head gets too close to the windshield if he puts his front paws down on the floor.

I also bought a backmat and sometimes lay the seats down. This probably is the safest for the leather, but it gives him to much freedom of movement. The stepdown where the seats fold down become an awkward obstacle, so he generally works his way into the back, which is not a good shape for a massive dog like Apollo.

Another spot we've tried is the backseat foot well. I have to pull my seat up a touch more than I usually do, and the passenger seat is pulled up as far as possible. This actually seems to have a lot of potential. I like that he is sort of wedged between two solid surfaces. My biggest problem with this plan, is that once he is ready to reposition, he tries to put some of his body up on the seat, or stretch his paws into the door.

The latest "experiment" with finding the perfect seat for Apollo, is keeping just the single back seat up, and folding the 2-seater section. This (theoretically) encourages him to sit on the seat- pretty much like a human. It keeps the paws from poking at the leather.

Some failed ideas: Travel crate- there is not an xxl travel crate that would fit in the Tesla. Tried to buy 'dog boots' from Petsmart (so I can let him lay in the back seat and keep his paws from scratching the door), but don't come in his size.

bejachb | 14 septembre 2014

Here is a great seat for your small dog, we currently use it in our BMW X-5 and will move it to our S once it is delivered in Nov/Dec
Pup Saver at

sklancha | 14 septembre 2014

Too bad it only is for dogs under 30 pounds. p.s. congrats on your impending delivery. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl yet? ;)

bejachb | 14 septembre 2014

It's a girl as for my wife

Brian H | 15 septembre 2014

BBCode doesn't work here. See HTML below.

Kpg81 | 15 septembre 2014

Yep.. every time I go for a drive, my "Dogs" come with me, alight

kevin | 15 septembre 2014

When our 20lb girl rides in our MS we fold the rear seats down and extend the rear trunk cover. She seems to like sitting up a bit higher than she would in the rear seat. Plus the rear set is protected. She can also sit under the trunk cover when she wants more privacy. She even rides on top of the trunk cover sometimes. We live in the country so the seat backs and trunk carpet are a bit dirty anyway.

PhillyMomof4 | 16 septembre 2014

My 2 bullmastiffs definitely ride in the car, but only in the way back, not the backseat. On hot days, though, it is unbearably hot back there so we either ride with the rear windows down so they can get a breeze, or they stay home. The car's AC on full blast does nothing for them back there, nor does the collapsible rear window shade that I bought.

rufusperry | 16 septembre 2014

Our 3 Standard Poodles ride all the time! We fold the rear seat and stow the hatch cover. We also had a mat custom cut by a fellow Tesla owner that fits perfectly! We use the 3 tether hooks on the backs of the rear seats for restrain them. I might add that they don't shed and they are cleaner than most kids!

Bighorn | 16 septembre 2014

Didn't take you for a lowrider--would like to see pics of the stormtrooper theme in three wheel motion.

dbbtex | 16 septembre 2014

Yes. Golden retriever (60 lbs) and mutt-dog (30 lbs) can ride in back together (with the back seats all up). I put a towel across the top of the back seat - its right at dog-chin/drool height :)

toddh5454 | 4 octobre 2014

I also have a dog that loves to ride in my car. I stick a dog bed from http:/ I simply stick it on the backseat and then take my dog for a ride.

toddh5454 | 4 octobre 2014

My dog loves to ride in my car. I simply take a bed from . She loves going for rides. The bed keeps some hair off the seat.

Captain_Zap | 12 février 2015

Hello Portia!

portia | 23 février 2015

yes @Captain_Zap!

Tâm | 24 février 2015


My dogs are too small so they can't jump enough from outside into the hatchback entry.

Now you know why I don't have autopilot (my dogs are my co-pilots already!)

But I've seen other bigger dogs using the rear hatchback entry with no problem.

Tâm | 24 février 2015

Are these three stooges belong to this thread :)

Brian H | 24 février 2015

Nice pix.
Everyone chip in!

trixiew | 24 février 2015

Claire, my 120# Great Dane loves the wind in her ears without the noise of a gas consumption engine.

GVKent | 18 juillet 2015

I found that the area behind the rear seat unsuitable for my dog in So. California. Much too hot from the sun of the rear window, and A/C does not reach the area. Rear seats are OK with proper cover for protection of leather seats.

bryan.whitton | 19 juillet 2015

I was witness to a very sever accident this afternoon. A guy in a Ford Explorer was surprised by is new rescued dog jumping into the front seat from the far back and ran a red light hitting an Acura SUV with his wife and both small children in the back seat.
The Explorer never hit the brakes and hit square between the door panels.
Amazingly no one was seriously hurt. They took mom away in the ambulance but that was for severe bruising from the airbag.
My reason for bringing this up was to second the notion that any dogs in cars should be restrained. This could have been far worse and all because the dog was unrestrained and uncontrolled.