does Elons Tweet suggest something new?

does Elons Tweet suggest something new?

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 1h

TCP packet walks into a bar & says “I’d like a beer.” Barman replies “You’d like a beer?” “Yes,” replies TCP packet,“I’d like a beer.” | 9 juillet 2013

I would take it as simple its network geek humor :)


BenRogers03 | 9 juillet 2013

He's confirming a "Handshake" in geek speak.

lolachampcar | 9 juillet 2013

Do you have the controls?
Yes, I have the controls.
Ok, you have the controls.

PaalT | 9 juillet 2013

A shot in the dark.. Maybe wifi functionality will be activated...hence, the TCP/IP joke.

nickjhowe | 9 juillet 2013

+1 @PaalT

shop | 9 juillet 2013

Specifically it's the start of session three way handshake. As a former network engineer I love the humor!

bfranks273 | 9 juillet 2013

No, that cant be right. The barman responds "Ack". Thats it. The TCP packet now has no no need to waste the bandwidth of duplicating the message. Instead he now knows all is well and sends the second message: " I also want a bag of Beer Nuts".

Perhaps this is an indication of why some people find the Model S 3G web access slow??

shop | 9 juillet 2013

For session initiation, it isn't just an ack from the server. The client does have to repeat his initial message. See

You guys that are saying the joke isn't accurate are interpreting the beer request as data in the tcp packet. But come on, it's a joke, not a protocol specification!

ellcyc | 9 juillet 2013

Reminds me of this one:

I could tell you a joke about UDP but you probably wouldn't get it.

lnxcar | 9 juillet 2013

@ellcyc ahyeap :)

mdemetri | 9 juillet 2013

Can someone translate, this thread is confusing to the 'non-geek'.

wcalvin | 9 juillet 2013

Handshaking protocols for devices connected to computer.

olanmills | 9 juillet 2013

It's just a joke, but fan forums wouldn't be fan forums if there's wasn't some overanalysis of something like this once in a while | 9 juillet 2013

@olanmills Amen! :)

nickjhowe | 9 juillet 2013

@mdemetri - UDP (user datagram protocol) is a "lossy" protocol, hence a chance you "won't get" the packet that is sent to you.

@bfranks273 - NACK!

Brian H | 10 juillet 2013

Also Usenet Death Penalty, the blocking of a site or range of sites.

mrspaghetti | 10 juillet 2013

That tweet confirms that Tesla is the car for me.

AmpedRealtor | 10 juillet 2013

ACK NACK! ACK NACK NACK! Mars Attacks, anyone? LOL

Could his joke be a veiled reference to WOL (wake-on-LAN) functionality for Model S? Perhaps a hint they may have found a way to shut down the system but keep the car's 3G connection "awake" to receive the WOL magic packet to "wake up" the car?

Here is the Wikipedia page about WOL:

stangel | 10 juillet 2013

@ellcyc for the win! (better joke than Elon's)

Brian H | 10 juillet 2013

Overcooked; "maybe wouldn't get it" might be fairer/more accurate!

larmorfreq | 10 juillet 2013

Maybe this handshake is related to the grasshopper rocket test, which returns on its own, and recently had a higher flight, hover and return...
my 0.02

mjs | 10 juillet 2013


I finally got your joke, but found it slightly out of order :)

pilotSteve | 10 juillet 2013

its all related to his retweet of the Pizza nerd joke (pi*z*a*a)! He's in a nerdy mood. I love it.

Robert22 | 12 juillet 2013

I like this one:

So a termite walks into a bar, walks up to the counter and says "Is the bartender here?"

(Wait for it, wait for it....)

Brian H | 13 juillet 2013

"No, it's hardwood."