Electrician recommendation for Orange County, CA install

Electrician recommendation for Orange County, CA install

Hi all,

I just had a pretty awful experience with Solar City and I was less than impressed with the estimate they gave me to install a 50 amp line to my garage. I was led to believe someone was going to come to my house when I set up the appointment over the phone. Instead, he had me go outside and take pictures of my breaker box. He quoted a min of $900 which I find to outrageous considering he has no idea how the wire will need to be routed. Anyway, has anyone worked with an electrician in my area, Orange County, and been satisfied with the work and price?

michael.delune | 7 Janvier 2013

I used Solar City in Laguna Niguel (sorry, I know that you were seeking looking for other contractors). They charged me $500 but that included a $250 discount for having installed solar panels as well. They ran a 25 ft conduit from one side of the garage to the other. The price included obtaining city permits. Overall I must say that I had a satisfactory experience.

It's interesting that they asked for pictures, because for me they didn't ask me for anything other than a verbal description of where my electrical box was located (on the garage wall, but on the outside of the house).

lsborn | 8 Janvier 2013

I used Galban Electric (based in Irvine) and I'm very happy with the work. I had Mark and his team (great guys) put in a 100 amp line with a NEMA 14-50 outlet until the HPWC shows up - hopefully soon. He had a lot of Yelp reviews which were all great, so I gave him a shot and it worked out well for me. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

bushman | 8 Janvier 2013

@michael: I wanted to talk to them about solar as well but they did not really seem all that interested. It was a very bizzare experience. I'm glad it was a good one for you though. Just curious did you purchase the panel or did you do a PPA with them?

@Isborn Thank you for the referral.

ewinthrop | 8 Janvier 2013

Anyone have a suggestion for Santa Monica/west LA? Agree w Gregory.bush about solar city. Didn't inspire a lot of confidence.

weeandthewads | 8 Janvier 2013

I just completed (most) my electrical work with Solar City (Los Angeles) and they did a very good job. Installed a second TOU meter dedicated to the car and the super charger. Given the Super Charger hasn't shipped, they installed a 50 AMP temp outlet and will return when the charger is available. They took care of all the LA - DWP paperwork, inspection and rebate program. 3 1/2 days of work two workers, all parts (including replacing the single meter with a dual meter) as well as a new dedicated circuit box for the second meter. $3,400 (not billable until the charger is installed) and I get a $2,000 cash rebate from the city. I would recommend them.

michael.delune | 8 Janvier 2013

@Gregory, I did pre-paid PPA, so I prepaid all of my electricity for the next 20 years. The way the math worked out, I will break even in about 5 years (I just moved in so I'll definitely keep the home for that long). I'm surprised that they weren't interested in pitching you solar, but can always refer you to my sales rep if you'd like. They handled everything, including submitting plans to the city, HOA applications, etc.

Pastormike | 8 Janvier 2013

I used Solar City in Laguna Niguel, CA. They installed solar panels for me in Spring, 2012. My experience with them has been very positive. They asked me for pictures, too, and gave me an estimate ($1,000) based on my plan. (Tesla had prepared me for that cost when I was designing my Model S.)When they came out, they told me that it would be less than estimated due to certain physical factors in my garage. They installed the temporary outlet to be replaced when the high-speed charger ships. After the inspection of the high-speed charger, I will be billed for the install.

The only problem I had was when my Model S was delivered. Solar City installed an outlet that didn't match the adapter (plug) that came with my car. Upon calling both Solar City and Tesla, it seems that Solar City was ahead of the timeline for the adapter availability. The Service Center in Costa Mesa fixed the problem by giving me the adapter I needed ahead of the timeline for them to be available. Everyone I've worked with at Solar City and Tesla have been very helpful!

michael.delune | 8 Janvier 2013

@ Pastormike, good story! I live in Laguna Niguel too, and was hoping to be the first owner there..bummer ;)

TikiMan | 8 Janvier 2013

P Mike, and Michael D,

I'm in LN also! :-)

We could start a small car club.

bushman | 8 Janvier 2013

I'm in Aliso Viejo might be fun to get together once I get the car in Feb/March.

michael.delune | 8 Janvier 2013

Nice! I wish this forum would allow for private messages.

xanthem | 8 Janvier 2013

@Michael, If you don't mind me asking, how much was your total cost including solar panel installation? Did you only get enough solar panels to charge your car or the entire house? Thanks.

michael.delune | 8 Janvier 2013

@xanthem they installed a 2.4kw system, with a prepaid 20year PPA, for $7,530. They also threw in a free iPad (I think they do $500 Vida gift cards now, and an additional $400 for people referring them, so watch my bias!). The EV 240V outlet was $750, discounted by $250 to $500 for having signed up for solar.

I don't expect the solar panels to fully offset my house consumption, and I don't know about the car. When they give you their pitch, they will ask you for your last few months of electricity bills and run an analysis that produces a suggested system size, which then extrapolates expected savings, etc.

One last thought is that now that I have solar, I am likely to apply to a time of use (TOU) rate plan, meaning that my night electricity will be dirt cheap, and my day electricity, while more expensive, will be materially offset by the solar panels. This way, it will all work in harmony.

apoclyps | 24 mars 2013

Howdy. AV here. would love to get any tips from you all. I don't expect my car til May '13. I live in a anyone got experience on how to get 240V installed in such an environment. I understand I have to put a proposal together for the HOA to approve. Because I live in a condo, how much more difficult would it be to get the electrical lines in?

Tâm | 25 mars 2013

Hi apoclyps:

I guess Solar City can deal with all the city/HOA permits so you don't have to worry about that?

The difficulty depends on whether your place to park is private or public. Whether the electric meter/circuit breaker is near you place of parking or not (usually it's right on the other side of the wall of a house's garage which is the easiest.)

If it's far, then how far. Does it just need to string the line straight from utility pole to your place of parking or do you have to pipe through several other neighbors' walls...

It's all possible depending on price. Easiest one costs about a few hundred dollars. Harder ones may cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

jrettinger | 26 août 2013

Does anyone have a good recommendation? I tried calling Galban, but it appears they are out of business.

evsinav | 26 août 2013

I'm in Aliso Viejo and I used George at Hi-Power Electric (aka George Electric) from Laguna Niguel to install my HPWC. He was reasonable and fast.

You can find his information on Yelp here:

simplesolarinc | 26 août 2013

I recommend Ron from myelectrician at 307-258-8865. he is located in Irvine. Did a great job. It was cheaper to have him install mine vs having my own guys install it.

Jay w | 26 août 2013

If you guys decide to get together I live in Mission Viejo ... Got my car in December

jrettinger | 26 août 2013

Thank you! I'm calling both to get estimates.

jbunn | 26 août 2013

Come on folks.

We are all on a forum for Model S. Can we take this to our California page? The rest of the nation does not care about our electrical recommendations if they are outside our area.

jrettinger | 26 août 2013

Fair enough.

rick524 | 26 août 2013

Call mark or debi with Gerhard Electric.

radsvision | 27 août 2013

I'm using ken Wallace Electric in Glendora. $250 quote. Will post a review once work is done.