Excessive Rear Camber

Excessive Rear Camber

I was behind a brand new Tesla S (white) today. Beautiful car, BUT was wondering, this is the second time I have been behind a Tesla S where it appears that the rear tires (not the fronts) are bowed out. There was only one occupant in the vehicle (driver) each time so I can't attribute to heavy passenger load? Has anyone else noticed this??

GLO | 13 mai 2013

Not yet, interesting...I'll keep an eye when behind my neighbors' and ask them to do the same! :)

unclegeek | 13 mai 2013

This is common to improve cornering grip/handling. My 335i has significant camber offset on the rears. Great for skid pad, bad for tire wear. My BMW will wear the insides of the tire out while the tread depth on the outside still looks great!

lolachampcar | 14 mai 2013

I've spent a good bit of time on this. There are very good reasons for the camber and a way to remove some if the owner feels it is necessary.

qblack1 | 9 décembre 2013


Went through a set of Michelins in 8300 miles in about 90 days. Inner tread wore all the way through leading to a flat (other side just as bad but no flat). Outside tread appears almost new. I'm glad I realized the flat in a parking lot! Wheels thankfully did not get damaged. Front treads were fine. I'm replacing the rears and having much of the camber taken off. Mostly highway miles, so my slightly aggressive driving in the excitement of a new car has a lot to do with it. The camber didn't help the wear, but I'm sure improved the fast cornering traction. Lesson learned. I had read about this prior to delivery, but promptly ignored. Even though... best car I've ever owned/driven! Would and will buy another someday.

lolachampcar | 9 décembre 2013

5500 miles today and had the rears off. 0.220" depth on the outside and 0.180" on the inside. P+ with camber set to -1.4 in the rear.

MichaelN | 9 décembre 2013

Per TMC threads, lolachampcar had new links made for his car to reduce rear camber - talked with service and they indicate that will void the warranty, stating that the purpose of the camber is for handling safety as lola indicates - my tires now at 12,000 show more wear on the inside, after rotating at 6500 - I may try remounting the tires from side to side and then rotating front to rear, which will put the better tread inside and keep the tire rotation direction the same - have to evaluate costs of doing so, may not be worth the $$ vs extra wear -
lolachampcar - is that with the new links installed or without? - since I don't drive that hard, I would consider new links IF it wouldn't void the warranty - any recommendations from your perspective -