Feedback on P85 Options from a 60 Owner

Feedback on P85 Options from a 60 Owner

For the past four days, I had the unbelievable privilege of driving a fully loaded P85+ while my 60 was in for the one year checkup. I reserved my Model S in August 2012 and took delivery in March 2013. I have 14,000 miles on it so far. When I went through the design process, I made choices based on what little information was available at the time. I had never seen, much less driven, a Model S.

My Model S has the tech package, fog lights, Supercharger capability, Smart Air Suspension, and the basic paint.

For those of you with reservations, or considering making a reservation, here are my impressions of the P85+ as compared with my 60.

1. The performance feels like another 50% increase in power. It is amazingly quick. I had to dial down the way I typically drive or I would end up in Canada before I knew it (I live in Ohio).

2. The extra range is completely worth it. I rarely take long trips, but the added safety net is reassuring.

3. The leather interior is very comfortable. I did not expect this as I thought it would be just a different look.

4. The aluminum pedals look very nice, and are a great accent. I suppose they do have a function as my pedals would likely melt under the acceleration.

5. I did not notice a big difference in the sound package, but I am not an audio expert. The stock audio system is perfectly fine for me.

6. I almost didn't notice the upgraded headliner. I would only get it if you opt for the leather interior as they look nice together.

7. Although I didn't need them, the loaner came with rear facing seats. I put them up just to check them out, and was surprised how nice they are. I'm sure kids love them as they almost look like racing seats.

8. The loaner did not come with a parcel shelf. I really missed it as I became more cautious where I parked as my briefcase was visible in the back.

9. My 19" inch stock wheels and tires are perfect for me. I actually like the look better than the 21" performance wheels and tires. Make sure you look at them side by side in person before deciding. For a P85+, I would want the upgraded wheels and tires just to be able to handle the power.

In summary, all Model S versions are absolutely outstanding. The service center is on the way to pick up the loaner. It's sad to see it go, but I am looking forward to getting my Model S back. I will then be able to drive without the neck brace.

Thomas N. | 30 septembre 2013

#8 - Frunk, maybe?

2kids10horses | 30 septembre 2013

#8 - How about using the "footwell" in the trunk?

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 30 septembre 2013

The footwell in the trunk was taken up by the rear facing seats, but you're right, I should have just used the frunk.